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The ulcerated wood spirit is the boss with whom you will encounter Elden Ring, and the enemy you will meet in the world. All Elden Ring bosses prevent various tests, and they may be difficult to win. Here are all the tips and techniques that you will need to send the seized wood spirit to death.

Recommended level of ulcerated wood spirit

There are two options for the boss of the ulcerated wood spirit, as well as 4 options without the boss that can be found in the open world. Options with the open world can be defeated when they are found, since your level should be close to the recommended for this area. For boss options, recommended levels below:

Limgrave: Grave of the hero Fringefolk- recommended level 40
Mountain peaks of giants: catacombs on the tops of giants- recommended level 100

The ulcerated wood spirit always drops the golden seed used to improve your flask. While the boss options will also give additional items. Despite the difficulty, these complex enemies should be defeated.


ulcerated wood spirit General advice

Bilds of near-battle should hug the boss boss .
* Avoid locking.
The deviation time is crucial .
If you fight in the open world, Use torrent .
* Fire or frostbite is very effective.

ulcerated tree spirit: mechanics

The ulcerated wood spirit attacks with a snake movement, sliding along the arena with the boss. There are many different variations of this boss in Elden Ring, but they all have the same attacks and mechanics. The boss is extremely aggressive and will constantly move throughout the battle. It is more efficient to use invisible frames in their throws than block these attacks due to their huge size and high endurance consumption during blocking.

The emerged wood spirit has two phases. At the first stage, he will mainly use physical attacks for example, hit his head, hit the claw, make a lunge or bite you. The main attack that should be avoided is roar and bite . The ulcerated spirit of the tree will growl and jump into the air before turning and trying to bite the player. If this attack is caught in a bite, it can kill most players with one shot. You will need the time of your roll when the ulcerated spirit of the tree turns to bite.

During the second phase of the emerged wood spirit, he will use all the same attacks, but will also have explosion . This attack by holy fire will cover the surroundings next to the boss before exploding with damage. It is difficult to evade this attack, but you can run away for its limits (or use torrent if you fight in the open world ).

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