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Riat Games warned on the official Twitter account that the user will be banned about a third-party app that illegally uses the API of the tactical shooter Valorant .

This work has released an API that can get match history data. APIs are widely used as the basis of third-party performance trackers. The warning this time is about tools that illegally used such APIs, and specifically, forcibly extracts secret information in the game, such as clarifying players using anonymous mode. It is. In addition, the official Twitter account for overseas has also introduced the API policy of this work. Of course, the developers of the third-party apps are originally approved from the official. However, this warning seems to be a problem with unrelated and its functions.

This warning jumped out to the word ban. Many users seem to be worried whether the tools they are using are fine, and some tracker apps are not unauthorized in the API, so the situation is to think of their legitimacy. Is reported. BLITZ, which runs Blitz, has posted a tweet that is officially approved and is safe. Tracker Network, which runs Tracker.gg, has posted similar tweets and will not be banned by using the service.

VALORANT is distributed for free for Windows.

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