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For the German 3×3 basketball players, the round of 16 have currently been completion of their World Com comebacks after 8 years in Antwerp.
The females’s group, that was a fellow favorite as a fellow favorite, had to quit outsiders Canada with 13:22.
The guys’s group shed medal prospect Latvia 12:21.
As in the preliminary round, the ladies of the German Basketball Federation (DBB) likewise had troubles against Canada.
Much less than a month after winning the Women’s Series opening up event in Tel Aviv, 6 points from Sonja Greinacher (Team Bundeswehr) as the most effective thrower were not nearly enough in the round of the last 16 against the maple leaves.
In the men’s group, the D├╝sseldorf Niklas Geske was defined by seven factors as the most effective thrower.

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