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DICE’s General Manager Rebecka Coutaz has revealed in an interview with Gameindus Try.biz that the studio is focusing only on the improvement of Battlefield 2042 .


Battlefield 2042, which has finally begun this month, has finally opened. The evaluation has been sluggish since its release, and the DICE developer DICE has been confused that upper-layer members such as Aleksander Grøndal will retire.

However, in an interview, Coutaz said that the withdrawal of the upper team was an opportunity to create a new leadership team and adapted the development system of Battlefield 2042 to live service format. She himself was a member who participated in DICE as a general manager after the release of this work, and she evaluated the current situation as I can’t leave it as it is.

In addition, there are other IPs such as Medal of On and Mirraz Edge in DICE, but these projects are postponed tightly, and the studio is currently concentrated only in Battlefield 2042. I am revealing that I am doing it.

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