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A box of spirit is a device that can be used to hear a ghost talking to a player in phasmophobia. This is a key certificate that can help determine what type of ghost is in this area. This requires the players to use the microphone to speak with the ghost, receiving a response from the ghost through Spirit Box. This is how Spirit Box works with phasmophobia.

How Spirit Box works with phasmophobia

Using the box of spirit in phasmophobia requires that the players have microphones correctly configured. If they are on to speak , they must transmit, holding the button assigned for this. This is in the default key.

How to use a box of spirit

The box of spirit has some prerequisites for proper operation and can be used both in the hands and on the floor.

Finding in the investigation zone *-the box of the spirit will not react if the players are not inside the region that they must explore.
Players should be in a ghost room. -the box of the spirit has a reach three meters Therefore, the players will have to be in the same room with a ghost or within three meters from the room to work.
The light should be turned off -the light outside the room and the equipment can be turned on, but the light in the room should be turned off for operation Spirit Box. However, this does not apply to lamps.


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In addition to these rules, a mechanic has been added whether the ghost will respond to single people or not. This is the information that is given to the players on the white board at the beginning of the match for amateur as well as average difficulty.

What does X mean on the box of spirit

‘X’ on Spirit Box may indicate that players do not meet the requirements so that they can be talked to. In other words, if the light is turned on, the ghost will not say until only one person is in the room, or if the player is too far from the ghost room, the X icon appears on the screen.

There is a list of questions that players can ask the ghost to get an answer, but there are only two of three chance that it will work. Even if the X icon appears, players must save the box of spirit, since it is luck for a while.

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