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In the Iberian battle versus Spain, the European champion from 2016 with Guerreiro won a 1-1 in the beginning line-up after shortage. A sovereign 2-0 success was achieved against the Czech Republic.

Nevertheless, after a combined season with Borussia Dortmund, things were ultimately going a little far better for Raphael Guerreiro in the international stage. The BVB left-back was made use of twice for his Portuguese in the Nations League.

Raphael Guerreiro in the Borussia Dortmund squad was among the very best gamers in football. Lately, however, the uncertainties about the ex-European champ Portuguese were boosting. A splitting up from BVB is not left out.

In the two duels with Switzerland (4: 0, 0: 1), Guerreiro was saved by national train Fernando Santos.

Raphael Guerreiro at BVB usually hurt


Since he once again plagued several muscular tissue injuries, the 28-year-old had one or the various other break from BVB in the previous season-forced.

He additionally plays this credo at BVB in concept because his dedication from FC Lorient in summer 2016 if Raphael Guerreo is fit. We understand his top qualities. He can prepare and also fire goals, praised the coach Marco Rose, which has currently been rejected Protégé last autumn.

Because an infection with the Coronavirus in March was added, Guerreiro the lower line was just 28 competitive looks.

badest normal gamer of BVB

With solid efficiencies, the only 1.70 meter small expert with the pronounced offensive urge has actually lately underpinned his status.

9 objective involvements were once more in Guerreiros data in 2021/2022. Nevertheless, its weaknesses in the backward motion described the offending yield an increasing number of. Rather lifeless appearances like the 3: 4 home fiasco against VfL Bochum came to be the policy of the exception.

The specialist publication Kicker punished Guerreiro for his slump in efficiency with the typical season of 3.89 abdominal muscle as well as the worst of all BVB strain.

BVB: Uncertainties to Raphael Guerreiro grow

It has actually not yet been handed down whether Guerreiro uses his future holiday to make quality (and BVB) clearness about his planning.

The introverted professional in February discussed his future. When an additional large club comes, I consider course. Yet I presently see my future in Dortmund and not elsewhere, he told Guerreiro futureing activity Bild at the time.

The club-related Ruhr Nachrichten once more reported rumors about Guerreiros only to a restricted professional way of life.

Also inside the uncertainties concerning the careless wizard, which is undoubtedly one of the finest footballers in the Dortmund team on good days.

The BVB employers might prevent his possibly associated vulnerability to injuries from making a deal to prolong his agreement in 2023. Guerreiro responded to the allegations with an ironic reproduction on Twitter.

Raphael Guerreiro traded at FC Barcelona

Raphael Guerreiro in the Borussia Dortmund squad was one of the best players in football. A separation from BVB is not left out.

Plainly appears: If a leading club from abroad sends a beneficial offer for Guerreiro, the BVB would prepare to talk. Especially with David Raum, the alleged Dortmund preferred service for the left protective side would be really expensive.

In Madrid, Milan and the remaining football fundings in Europe, as well, Guerreiros must likewise have signed up steeply sloping form curve and its recurring wellness issues.

Concrete conjectures regarding Guerreiro’s future are uncommon. Spanish media brought FC Barcelona into conversation as a possible buyer in Might. With the financially harmed catalans, various other personal details, such as Robert Lewandowski’s hoped-for transfer, are presently a greater concern.

Paris Saint-Germain, who had dealt intensively with a dedication of Guerreiro in 2019, as he later verified, has no requirement for the left-back position.

Concrete conjectures concerning Guerreiro’s future are unusual.

Tobias Knoop

If Raphael Guerreo is healthy, then he likewise plays this creed at BVB in principle since his commitment from FC Lorient in summer season 2016. I presently see my future in Dortmund and not someplace else, he told Guerreiro future Bild at the time.

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