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The World of Warcraft Classic producer under the nickname Aggrend gave a detailed comment on how the Fresh Start servers will work, which are designed to give a chance to those players who want to start the next chapter on equal terms.

_ I and other team members have read many answers about Fresh Start servers from the moment they are announced, and the general feedback that we have seen is connected with the idea of opening the transfer after the servers were launched within 90 days. I considered it important to intervene and emphasize that the Kaviax report specifically mentioned that they will not be available for at least 90 days. Least._

_ The concept of opening worlds with a new start for Classic is a somewhat new territory for us, so in this situation we consider it very important to carefully monitor the population of these new worlds, observe the behavior of the players and listen to reviews on this topic. Nothing says that transfers should happen exactly on the 91st, 191st or even 991st day._

E, I repeat, 90 days are the absolute minimum of the time during which we can wait to open transfers, and we intend to listen very carefully to the reviews of the players on this subject. If the worlds are healthy and there is no sensation of the need to open transfers on these servers, we will not rush to this. The team really wants to take care of everything that we are doing here, because many players are excited about the idea of starting to start all over and get such experience of equal games in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. We are also excited by this, and we really want to not rush and make sure that the experience is as amazing as possible.

Pasibo for reading, and I hope that this will calm down some fears about this. As always, thank you very much for the comments and reviews!.

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