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Every Saturday at 21:00, GAME*SPARK official Twitter gifts project!

This time, UNEPIC_FRAN will give you a lottery of UNMETAL to one person!

This work is a 2D stealth action ADV that parody a certain director’s work when it was not yet solid. The quality of the game is high, and it has been very popular (976) in the overall evaluation of Steam user reviews. In our magazine, it is also featured in the explosive speed repo, so if you are interested, please check it out immediately.


The only way to apply for a present plan is to follow the GAME*Spark official Twitter and retweet the relevant tweets! Please check the following for details such as the winning target.

Details of present planning

  • Follow Game* Spark’s official Twitter (@Twitter) and retweet the tweet described as [Present Plan] within the application deadline.

  • Winners will contact you by direct mail (followers that are not opened direct mail are not elected).

  • The private Twitter account is not eligible for winning.

  • Since the winner name will not be announced, please refrain from making inquiries by reply or direct mail.

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