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To combat your battles, spirit cards will certainly be collected on your method. After that, it’s up to you if you prefer to utilize them to assault your adversaries or discard them to get distinct effects. One point is specific, locating the ideal card combinations will certainly gain you a clear advantage over your challengers.



Unveiled by Annapurna during her showcase last year,Neon Whitereveals himself for June 16, 2022. Blend of card video game, FPS as well as Visual Novel, the title developed by Ben Esposito is anticipated on computer and Nintendo Switch.

In this frantic FPS, you will certainly play Neon White, an assassin conserved from heck. To wish to acquire redemption and be able to live in heaven, you will need to get rid of the satanic forces of paradise as well as face other devils killers. However to check out it, these various other killers appear acquainted to Neon, restoring in him memories of another life.

Attributes of Neon White

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