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VOID Interactive has released the latest development video of the SWAT tactical shooter Ready or Not currently being developed.

In this video, we introduce the overhaul of the criminal AI, part of the new content update, and a new system that gives a more realistic, deep depth and replayability, including the cover system made from zero. I am.

  • The culprit with a bare hands and knife will launch an ambush attack, or pick up weapons if weapons are falling nearby.

  • The culprit has begun to use the cover. Sometimes it hides under the desk or bed in the closet.

  • The culprit may pretend to be dead or commit suicide when hunted down (also committed suicide).


  • Various actions are prepared depending on the environment, going to the bathroom, looking at the walls of the wall.

VOID Interactive says that these elements are performing the final finish so that they can be fully playable and can be tested, so the experience will be conducted as if ready, and a major problem before the public release. We are going to find out if there is.

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