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In the current chapter 3 Fortnite, season 3, Epic Games changed and presented several POI on the map. One of these new POIs that appeared in the main game is Reality Falls. A colorful attraction is a magnificent forest full of mushrooms, jumping mushrooms and purple trees. To find a waterfall of reality, you need to jump on western edge cards.


Where is Reality Falls in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3?

As mentioned earlier, you can find the new Poi Reality Falls on the western side of the map between Rave Cave and the Poi Greasy Grove. Use the image below for illustrated reference.

The place is easy to recognize in large purple trees and mushrooms scattered throughout the territory. The region also has good prey and shelters for fighting. The only disadvantage is that the guideline is not entirely available for study on a vehicle and requires you to walk.

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