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The high-heel had its prime time at Borussia Dortmund, where he initially made the jump from the young location into the specialist group and after that to the leading entertainer.

German champ 2002, World Cup Dritter 2006, 75 Bundesliga video games, 16 worldwide suits: David Odonkor’s occupation is never bad in highlights.

David Odonkor as soon as triggered a feeling at Borussia Dortmund and also in the German national soccer team. In the meanwhile, the ex-BVB celebrity is 38 years of ages, at TuS Bövinghausen-and is getting a public mud battle with the league mountain climber for allegedly exceptional salary payments.

In 2006, BVB sold it to Real Betis for then lush 6.5 million euros. 5 years with at the very least 40 goals in La Liga invested Odonkor in Spain.

with BVB symbol Kevin Großkreutz in the sixth organization

To make matters worse, there is now Zoff with the club management. The old celebrity grumbled to the Ruhr Nachrichten As a result of this, he declined to join champion video games in the long run of the season.

Bövinghausen’s club employer Ajan Dzaferoski contradicted this discussion. In Odonkor’s agreement it says that he needs to be 75 percent existing. That means training as well as games. He receives an allowance for this. But because he was not 75 percent present, he has no right to read his contract much better..


If the association does not satisfy its salaries and also commitments are not paid, I can not do anything anymore, stated Odonkor. He fulfilled his commitments, also if I didn’t obtain any kind of cash, said the ex-international.

David Odonkor vs. TuS Bövinghausen

Bövinghausen succeeded. Odonkor’s contribution to this, nevertheless, stayed convenient. Magle 13 goals (one objective) he only completed the TuS due to injury.

After that, the native East Westphalian started a real odyssey via the bogs of football. Alemannia Aachen, Hoverla Uzhgorod in Ukraine, SV Wilhelmshaven as players and training interactions in Verl, Herford or Hamm-Odonkor was taking a trip a great deal.

Last summertime he went back to Dortmund back-to-six groups TuS Bövinghausen, whom he was supposed to lead with each other with BVB icon Kevin Großkreutz to promotion to the Oberliga.

No extra amusing with ex-BVB celebrity David Odonkor?

A remedy to the disagreements does not seem to be in view yet. Odonkor, however, is already checking out as a primary trainer or aide instructor after a brand-new area of task.

An expansion of Odonkor’s contract is not a concern for the TuS. The famous kicker had a knee injury, which just really did not get far better. After that he existed as a viewer for the games, yet he couldn’t train anymore, said Dzaferoski. David is a terrific individual. However at 38, he goes to the age of 38 at an age when injuries boost. At some factor it is simply completion with fun.

I did Bövinghausen the support to aid them. That is over now and also I’m still hungry, he claimed. He is now looking for an association with framework where you are honest with each other, included Odonkor.

Odonkor’s contribution to this, however, remained workable. In Odonkor’s contract it says that he must be 75 percent existing. An extension of Odonkor’s contract is not a concern for the TuS. David is a great man. He is currently looking for an association with structure where you are honest with each other, added Odonkor.

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