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A quarter of a hr prior to the final whistle, the Dortmund fans are plainly listened to in the ranks. Your message: distinct. Michael Zorc ought to come. His label “Susi” echoes from the rankings. The captain is still on the bench, at practically 35 years of age his body clock, he has actually long been in his occupation in late fall. Ottmar Hitzfeld just feeds him in the Champions League with short tasks; Likewise in the last versus Juventus Turin won with 3: 1 (2: 0), the BVB train prefers the defensive midfield with Paul Lambert and Paulo Sousa.

The bandage wears Matthias Sammer on May 28, 1997, at the very least until shortly before the end: Custom after Europe’s footballer of the year charms to Hitzfeld, Zorc to give away a short job so that the Borussia leader, which has been in workplace given that 1988 Can stretch the evening sky over Munich. “It was a great gesture of Matthias,” claims Zorc 25 years later, “and also how the audience asked my alternative deeply. his was permitted. “

“A contemporary football fairy story”

When he accepts the 73.5 centimeter and also 7.5 kilogram trophy as a visible indication of the very first German Champions League triumph a little later, the Munich Olympic Stadium experiences stirring minutes of black and yellow bliss. With the success over the defending champion, the Westphalia protect a location in the popularity hall of football. Missed, President Dr. Gerd Niebaum of a “fantastic success” and also a “modern football fairy story”. At the exact same time, the visionary at the head of the club drops off a load like Bruchschnee from a roofing system: as defending champ, BVB is additionally on the list of individuals in the premier course in the 1997/98 period, which he would or else have missed as a Bundesliga press. What just a few suspected at the time: Already in the year of the best success, in Dortmund, where Niebaum’s visions feed on lots of money, everything is sewed financially on side. Borussia is therefore condemned to victory versus Juventus. Being or otherwise being the concern is. A game of existential importance.

simple formula: a game, a possibility, a victory

Among the most significant lupers in German background: Dortmund’s in 1997 and still well known champions League objective marker Lars. Imago/Sven Simon

It is clear to everybody which board with Juventus. “Nonetheless, there was positive outlook,” reports Sammer, “we had the feeling that we were not quite blind either. That used us.” Supervisor Michael Meier progressively imported what Dortmund opposes the world choice from the Piedmontesian capital: Stefan Reuter, Andreas Möller, Julio Cesar, Jürgen Kohler as well as Paulo Sousa originated from Juventus (of all points!), Sammer from Inter Milan, Karl-Heinz Riedle by Lazio Rome.

” We had characters in the team that had actually achieved impressive accomplishments in previous years as well as won titles,” highlights Möller. “There was a whole lot of experience in the team as well as the amazing longing for this wonderful worldwide success.” On the way there, the German Champ is taking care of the masters from Spain, France as well as England. The BVB ends the initial round behind Atletico Madrid, then switches AJ Auxerre as well as Manchester United and also celebrates a victory for endless time against Turin. There is a state of emergency situation in Dortmund. The city sinks into a jubilee sea.

From five duels, we win one, when we develop a draw with rainfall and also electrical storms, as well as three times we draw the brief ones”. 3 days prior to the face-off in Munich, the old girl celebrates the continued win of the Italian champion. In any situation, Dortmund establishes this deactivating straightforward success formula: a video game, a possibility, a triumph.

BVB understood around the world: “This is a significant pound and helps enormously”

At the club degree, the Champions League is the utmost.

Matthias Sammer.

A quarter of an hour prior to the last whistle, the Dortmund fans are clearly heard in the ranks. What just a few thought at the time: Already in the year of the best success, in Dortmund, where Niebaum’s visions feed on tons of cash, every little thing is tailored economically on edge. In any type of situation, Dortmund develops this deactivating simple success formula: a game, a chance, a victory.

Please take the Dortmund!

Uli Hoeneß ‘idea to the “Limmerhof”.

“We thought: Now we have to endure”.

There is a challenging period behind Dortmund. The dream of championship hatstrick: Damaged after 9 organization defeats in the 96/97 season. The atmosphere after the dress practice session completely with 1: 2 in Hamburg: stressful. The anxiousness: huge. The mood: unusual. The fairy story is gone along with by discount rates. Niebaum as well as Hitzfeld do not have much to state after six years. Meier, a Hitzfeld close friend, sits in between the chairs. Components of the team with Sammer, buddy or Zorc on top and the fitness instructor have actually estranged from each various other. Indicators of wear, anywhere you look. It is even more impressive: the last big raising down of this team, which has a hard time once again and also places all power in these 90 minutes. “That,” enthuses Sammer, “has launched incredible powers.”.

The Swiss depend on the pitch for 70 mins, after that he paves the way for Ricken. Juve shortened by alternative Alessandro Del Piero to 1: 2, as Turin develops harsh stress at the start. “We suspected: Currently we need to experience,” states Chapuisat, “if we still get an additional opportunity, we have to score the 3rd goal.” In order to define what happens and also Dortmund falls under a cumulative pleasure of joy, 8 words are sufficient for the enemy. “Flawlessly played by Andy, extraordinary shot from Lars.”.

Dortmund at the location of all desires. “At the club degree, the Champions League is the nonplusultra,” supported Sammer, “the outright highlight so like winning the European Championship in 1996 with the national group. Niebaum proceeds, but Hitzfeld receives a brand-new area of activity in the club.

Obviously satisfied by a feeling, Marcel Reif calls from his analyst area in countless German living rooms “Ricken, lupfen, now!” When Möller’s brilliantly clean diagonalball ends up with his 20-year-old teammate. As well as Ricken, only replaced seconds prior to, lifts over Angelo Peruzzi, the 3: 1, the choice. Möller did not really see Ricken ahead of time, as he exposes to the twist: “I without effort played the sphere to the right. It shouldn’t have been slower and not a lot more securely played”. The “crucial and most stunning pass” of his job flies to ricken on the silver tray. As well as from him into the objective.

” It was a type of sticking point for us,” says outdoor-side Jörg Heinrich. “We saw there: If you fight yourself by doing this, you can survive against everybody. We recognized: that can operate in the last.” As well as unlike the UEFA Mug final in 1993 shed to Juventus in 1993, the decision this time around is just one video game. “That was definitely an advantage for us,” states Stephane Chapuisat, “we knew that we would certainly have a great chance in a video game.”.

That BVB in 1997 offers the most crucial international club title, the Henkelpott proudly brightened by the club museum-and the repeating of this successful stroke in the German-German final versus Bayern Munich 2013, only missed out on the around the world understanding of the black right into the present.-Gelben. “This is a massive extra pound as well as helps us tremendously,” emphasizes Taking care of Director Carsten Cramer, “there is a generation that attaches us very highly in 1997. As a Dortmund brand ambassador, Riedle as well as Ricken-Who else?

When asked for both Dortmund and Turin in front of the Champions League final, senior boss Balbina Kaffler gets right into the Zwickmühle as well as is looking for the Bavarian Supervisor Council. As a crucial experience, the semi-final 2nd leg in Old Trafford goes into the Dortmund Annalen, a great battle in which Jürgen Kohler, that saves several times on the line, lastly increases to the “soccer god” in the favor of followers.

The individuals oppose the conventional reading that the team was fed up after their fantastic dual championship as well as concentrated early and exclusively on the Champions League. Julio Cesar just comes to ten league inserts this year, Paulo Sousa after patella ligament surgical procedure just on eleven, Sammer at 16, Riedle to 18.

Simply 2 days prior to the best minute in club history, Borussia relocates right into its community in Taufkirchen, a much less than half an hour’s drive from the final arena. The “Limmerhof” was picked, which houses 15 years as well as off-term in Louis van Gaals (2009 to 2011)- FC Bayern Munich prior to his home games. When asked for both Dortmund and Turin before the Champions League final, elderly employer Balbina Kaffler gets involved in the Zwickmühle and also is seeking the Bavarian Manager Council. “And Uli Hoeneß,” she reveals to the Dortmund fans, “informed me: Please take the Dortmund!” The BVB publications the entire resort with 80 rooms, not every one of them are needed, but nothing and also nobody ought to disrupt the Westphalia. You can discover an interruption at Kaffler’s ten weeks old Dachshund Gustl, that likewise acts as a lucky beauty.

the anxiety: big; The state of mind: strange.


The BVB specialists refuel once more in the rest of their hotel. All problem youngsters sit in the Dortmund bus. With the liberty he provided us, he made us ethically completely obliged us at the very same time.”.

BVB wins all 4 video games on the knockout degree on the way to Munich. As a vital experience, the semi-final second leg in Old Trafford goes into the Dortmund Annalen, a terrific battle in which Jürgen Kohler, that saves several times on the line, ultimately increases to the “football god” in the support of followers.

If you battle on your own in this way, you can endure versus every1. We understood: that can work in the final.

Jörg Heinrich.

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