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At the end of an incredibly exciting season, a real highlight is coming up late Saturday afternoon (4:40 p.m.): In the Prussian stadium, the eagle bearers receive SV Rödinghausen for the final in the Krombacher Westphalia Cup. In addition to the fact that it is the last game of the 2021/22 season, this duel also ends a decades old era. It is the last 90 minutes that the Prussian stadium will see in its current form. During the summer break, the demolition work in the west curve begins and the starting signal for a new chapter on Hammer Strasse is given. Before that, however, the focus is on the important cup final, which decides whether the eagle wearers will start again in the DFB Cup next season.

final day of amateurs

“This trophy is of particular importance for the club and fans. I also cannot understand how to take the competition seriously. If I think about what this gave us in the DFB Cup, ”says coach Sascha Hildmann the day before the final game, which is also broadcast in the conference as part of the“ Final Day of Amateurs ”. The complete live game is available in the livestream at www.sportschau.de. “We already notice that it is a special game. The stadium is being prepared again, there are already television cars – we look forward to it, ”the football teacher continues.

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The opponent in the final is SV Rödinghausen. The Prussian league competitor prevailed 2-1 against RW Ahlen in the semifinals, in the previous rounds they threw Eintracht Rheine (4: 3 n.E.), the YEG Hassel (1: 0), SV Germania Salchendorf (5: 1 ) and the Delbrücker SC (3: 0) from the competition. With the eagle wearers it is now in the final after the first leg in the league finished 0-0, the second leg won the East Westphalia in their own stadium 1-0. “This defeat annoyed us very much. We also had good opportunities there, but we didn’t manage to reward ourselves. Tomorrow we will play in our stadium, ”says coach Sascha Hildmann, who continues with a view to the strengths of the opponent:“ Rödinghausen defends well and is always well organized on the square. ”

“We are all hot!”

The team will look different tomorrow than a week ago. “We knew about the chance. We haven’t played that offensive all year round, ”says Hildmann:“ Unfortunately, Marcel Hoffmeier will be missing, but it has been flat since Thursday. Manuel Farrona Pulido has gastrointestinal damp, he too is safe. ”This will change the starting XI in at least two positions. However, the coach emphasizes: “Of course we would have liked to win higher last weekend. The team processes it well, but it is not yet g1. But we are all hot and want to get the pot! “

nullsechs.tv before the cup final

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