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Everything was prepared for the master celebration in the Etihad Stadium. Already when they entered the lawn, the Skyblues were greeted with a small fireworks. A foretaste of the later ceremony, but first the home game against Aston Villa was on the program.

This crucial game started Pep Guardiola after the 2-2 against West Ham with two personnel changes. Foden and Stones began instead of Gralish and Zinchenko (both bank). On the other hand, Villa coach Steven Gerrard rely on the former Liverpool player Coutinho on the offensive. Olsen celebrated his debut in goal.

ManCity starts game -determining

Football Players Reactions to MANCHESTER CITY win Premier League as Gündogan seals Great fightback

The goalkeeper was also in the spotlight at the beginning when he did not freed himself from a typical pressing situation quickly enough and Gabriel Jesus intervened. The Brazilian could not steer the ball onto the goal (10th). From then on, not much changed at the course of the game: Mancity ran up the guests high, but lacked the decisive precision in the last third.

If the Citizens managed to cover the guest defense, it usually had a foot in between at the last moment. So also with Mahrez ‘flank after a dance on the baseline (17th). Shortly afterwards, Foden only drew hairless (24th). After Gabriel Jesus had not completed a counterattack in a promising position (32nd), Chambers clarified for Aston Villa on the line (33.).

Digne finds cash: The etihad falls silent

It seemed as if a hit by Skyblues was only a matter of time due to the playful superiority. But a counterattack of the guests gave the Citizens the cold shower: Digne circulated a flank from the left directly on cash’s forehead, which Eierson defeated in the box with a head (37.). The league leader did not recover from this shock until the break and was unable to set an accents against the profound Gerrard-Elf.

For this purpose, Mancity opened the second round with a chance fireworks: Mahrez (50th), Gabriel Jesus (51st) and Rodrigo (52nd), however, failed to achieve the compensation. As a result, City seemed more busy with himself and allowed another counter to a long discount, but Watkins did not put in the goal (55.).

While Mancity hardly got any further chances, the guests stood up again after a long ball: Coutinho completed a header extension from Watkins dry into the left corner (69.).

Gündogan and Rodrigo take care of the turn

In the final phase, many spectators probably didn’t trust their eyes. After the connecting goal by the substitute Gündogan (76th), the home side were suddenly replaced and immediately added the equalization: Rodrigo took a measure of 20 meters and conjured up the ball with the inside right next to the left post (78.).

Gündogan again provided the ecstasy in the Etihad: The German midfielder was correct on the long post and used de Bruynes cross to 3: 2 (81st) – all the dams broke in the stadium. In the final minutes, the home side could not take the three and secured the fourth championship title of the past five years, while Liverpools 3-1 win against the Wolves only gave second place in the table.

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