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After just one year, Werder Bremen managed to return to the Bundesliga. After the 2-0 against Regensburg, the Hanseatic Schalke 04 follow directly into the upper house.

Captain Ömer Toprak was just able to escape the green-white fan, who rolled onto the field after the final whistle, his teammates in Bremen were “caught” in the middle of the followers: the peaceful enthusiasm united everyone, because SV Werder returned with a 2: 0 (1-0) work victory against Jahn Regensburg back to the Bundesliga.

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Conducted by midfielder Leonardo Bittencourt, the supporters of the green-whites almost sang their lungs out of their throat. The arch -rival HSV also got his fat away: “If you see Hamburg, that’s how it will be done!” The storm remained largely peaceful, but a few minor injuries were reported.

Regardless of the obligatory beer shower, coach Ole Werner remained loyal and despite the hustle and bustle, was able to take a calm analysis: “We successfully completed a season with ups and downs. The players can be very proud of themselves.”

The captain Toprak was much more emotional. “It was extremely important to me that we could get the club again where it belongs,” said the defense chief at “Sky”: “I was extremely ashamed that we descended. I absolutely wanted to eradicate it and I am so happy that we did it. “

Ex-international Clemens Fritz was also “extremely overwhelmed” and praised Werner. “He came at the right time and brought calm in,” said the head of professional football. Around 8:00 p.m., the promotion heroes should roll over the Easter dike in an open truck, a special issue for promotion was sold a good half hour after the final whistle around the arena.

Füllkrug introduces Werder’s promotion party

With his 19th goal of the season, Niclas Füllkrug laid the foundation stone as a deserved but rather lackluster success against the Upper Palatinate, for which it was no longer about anything.

The striker was successful with a placed half -high shot. Five minutes after the restart, his storm partner Marvin Ducksch scored from a short distance, it was the season hit 21.

However, the early lead gave the place owners only a little tailwind for the further course of the first half. Werner’s team was dominant, but rarely found a way against the stable coverage of the guests.

The Werder coach called on its protégés several times to broader actions, but mostly the storm center was sought.

Jahn Regensburg not harmless

Regensburg was not harmless to sporadic counter attacks. Bremen’s goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka was only seriously checked by one teammate. Mitchell Weiser surprised the Czech goalkeeper in the 22nd minute with an accident, which almost led to an own goal.

Tor-Klau, Radkappe und Bierdusche: So verrückt feiern die Werder Bremen-Fans den Bundesliga-Aufstieg
Jahn trainer Mersad Selimbegovic had traveled to the Hanseatic city with a big goalkeeper. Instead of the cold Thorsten Kirschbaum, Alexander Weidinger stood between the posts. The 24-year-old is usually used in the second team of Regensburg in the Oberliga Bavaria.

The 2-0 gave the placekeepers the long missing security in the actions. Regensburg began to resign, relief attacks hardly took place. And if they do, they remained harmless.

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