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The fronts between FC Bayern and world footballer Robert Lewandowski are hardened. The pole wants to leave the club, but the record champion does not let him go. The statements of the parties in public are contradictory. Ex-professional Thomas Helmer sides on the striker side and accuses of those responsible for Munich.

Whether FC Bayern Robert Lewandowski presented a signature -ready offer to extend the contract can still only be speculated. The Pole says this offer did not exist. Robert Lewandowskis chief Hasan Salihamidzic said at the weekend that the Poland was very comfortable.

It is undisputed that the Munich team delayed the conversations with the superstar for a long time. That had “cooled down” the mood between the parties, ex-professional Thomas Helmer said in an interview with the Polish portal “Wirtualna Polska”. “Not submitting an offer to extend the contract in good time is disrespectful from FC Bayern. I have no idea why they did it,” said Helmer.

He could understand that the Munich team did not want to pay more money in Lewandowski’s age: “But one should have offered something special. Even if it had only been for a year. They should have shown him that they wanted to speak That’s why I say that Bayern have behaved disrespectfully. “

Helmer: FC Bayern overslept this

Helmer doubts the representation of his ex-club: “I have also heard that Robert has not received any offer so far. As I said: You can argue about the sum and length of a new contract, but the club would have taken the first step they have to sleep. “

If Lewandowski actually leaves FC Bayern, Helmer sees a big problem for his ex-club, because: “Bavaria will find it very difficult to find a suitable candidate. […] I don’t see anyone who guarantees Bavaria this, What Robert has been giving them for years. “

“This in turn is Bavaria’s problem”

Whether there is a farewell to the world footballer, “depends above all on whether you will quickly find a successor,” said Helmer, who at the same time describes FC Barcelona as a good point of contact for the Poland: “This is not a step back. First, Barca is back Secondly, the club is a global brand. And thirdly, they have many young players with a good perspective. This in turn is Bavaria’s problem: If we take Müller, Neuer and Lewandowski out, there is no one who could replace them. “

The international competitiveness of FC Bayern now sees Helmer at risk – especially without Lewandowski. “You have no money for gigantic transfers. In the Bundesliga and in the cup you get it regulated. But without Robert in the squad it will be very difficult for you in the Champions League.”

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