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The studio Funcom has advertised numerous places on its website. It is believed that new staff is being sought for a previously united Dune game. First of all, there is an Open World multiplayer title , which the studio announced in 2019. We also reported this message at the time. However, three projects around the sci-fi universe are under development.

Accordingly, an attempt to draw new staff is by no means absurd. The strategy game Dune is also located: Spice Wars in the Steam Early Access. This is developed by Funcom Published, but by Shiro Games. So far, there is still no concrete information about the Dune Open World title. So far, it had only been pointed out to investors that this should be a “more robust conan exile”. Conan Exiles is the previous flagship title of the studio, which can be referred to as survival multiplayer title. Resource management plays a central role here, according to the desert scenario.

Dune – Made in Germany

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It was only last December that we also reported that an investment by the Chinese tech giant Tencent had clearly gained the project in the dimension. For example, a cooperation with the German developer studio nukklear was announced. The attempt to increase your own capacities for the project is not in itself. So far, there is still no concrete release date or even a rough release period for Funcom’s multiplayer title.

Nothing official is also known to the other two Dune projects from Funcom in mid-May 2022. It is certainly interesting that a lot has happened in terms of dune since the license has been purchased. After all, we are no longer talking about an aging brand with iconic 80s films and strategy classics, but about a fire-hot movie franchise.

a rosy future

Accordingly, a new Dune game in the style of Conan Exiles could make the zeitgeist perfectly, provided that marketing and quality are right. Conan Exiles, for example, was and is a relatively popular title, which was also able to take a pretty good rating in our test.

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