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The Golden State Warriors are the first participant in the West final! With an 110: 96 victory in game 6, the Dubs prevailed after a difficult fight against the Memphis Grizzlies. Klay Thompson continues to work on the legend of “Game 6 Klay”, and Stephen Curry also wakes up late.

Thompson ballerted himself with 8 threes (in 14 attempts) to form a Warriors top scorer, in addition to his 30 points he collected 8 rebounds. The Splash Brother was also responsible for the Dagger a few minutes before the end. Golden State used a strong final phase to finally shake off the grizzlies.

The last six minutes of the game went 23: 7 to the home side, also because Curry finally turned. After a rather weak performance, he achieved 11 points in the final section and built his points account from the field (6/17 threesome) to 29 points at 10/27. Andrew Wiggins steered a strong double double at (18 and 11 rebounds), Draymond Green came to 14 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists and Kevon Looney also dominated the boards (4, 22 rebounds, including 11 offensive rebounds).

The grizzlies that had to do without yes again without yes could no longer keep up in the final minutes. Previously, Dillon Brooks showed great improved (30 points, 7/15 threes), but in his game there was also a lot of shade. Desmond Bane scored 25 points, otherwise only Jaren Jackson Jr. (12, 5/19 FG) came on Double-Digits.

At the beginning, the Warriors resorted to a larger lineup with Looney for Jonathan Kuminga, which made a defensive and paid for rebound. In the first six minutes, Memphis brought only 8 points on the scoreboard. They attacked Steven Adam’s drop cover aggressively, Thompson came to several open threes.

An early 8-point lead was quickly back. Once again, the gymnastics problem played a role in Golden State (6 Turnover in the first quarter), Brooks punished this with back-to-back trians. The 26-year-old searched his litter aggressively and, unlike the previous games, hit. Only 30:26 for Golden State.

Klay Thompson early on fire – grizzlies are strong against it

Thompson had played a good rhythm in the first quarter and was already 5 triples in the second round after a few minutes. But Memphis also had a lot of target water Intus, Brooks and Jones fired a 14-0 run from Downtown, which took the guests the lead. However, Brooks also collected a flagrant foul 1 for a push against curry, which apparently took Memphis the momentum. Now the thubs started again a run that brought them the 53: 51 half-time lead.

It took a while after the break until the off -you go back to drive, Golden State could hardly earn any open throws. But when Thompson sank several threesome, he was on fire again. Memphis also kept from a distance, the guests could not be shaken off thanks to Bane (11 in the third quarter) – 78:77 for the Warriors after 36 minutes.

The initially hot hand from a distance from the Warriors was now completely g1. Bane and Brooks turned the game again, but on the other hand, Wiggins sank important throws. And in Transition, a curry triangle finally fell again. With this new 10-0 run, the Warriors also received support from several Brooks errors, Golden State settled at +8.

Memphis could no longer recover. Steph let another triple follow, and he visibly fell a stone from the heart. Shortly thereafter, the Dubs finally brought their opponent to the ground when Looney secured several offensive rebounds and finally sank the next triple to the +13 three minutes before the end. After a big fight, the grizzlies have to say goodbye to the playoffs – Golden State meets the winner from Sun’s vs. Mavs in the West Finals.

the most important statistics

Golden State Warriors (3) – Memphis Grizzlies (2) 110: 96 (boxcore), series: 4-2

  • It is now an old lyre in this series: the Warriors, actually the more experienced team, shoot themselves into the leg with numerous and often unnecessary ball losses. This time it was a 12 turnover (Memphis: 3) and a total of 19 (7). In the past three games, Golden State has made almost twice as many ball losses as the grizzlies (57:29). So it is of course difficult to make a series.
  • Despite these many mistakes, the possession game was relatively balanced, which was due to the clear advantages of the Warriors on the boards. The home side were at 25 (!) Official rebounds – only convert this advantage into points. Golden State left a lot near the ring – in general, both teams had problems in the zone (GSW: 18/43 FG, Mem: 17/49 FG).
  • In addition, this Nugget from statmuse: The 22 rebounds of Looney in this game are most of a Warriors player in a single playoff game since Larry Smith in 1987. So the center was definitely worth it.
  • The problems in the zone were the reason for very weak field throw rates in half one, although the shoot was right on both sides. The Warriors met 11/27 from a distance, Memphis 9/22 – and yet both were scratching the field at the 36 percent mark. After the change of sides, Golden State also ran out of the triple area less. In the end, there were still 20 successful triples in 53 attempts (37.7 percent), Memphis came to 15/36 threes.

NBA Playoffs – Warriors vs. Grizzlies: The voices

Mike Brown (Warriors coach): “You have been all about it for a while. You know how Klay is in a game 6. […] This is the first time that I have several boys over 40 Minutes had to play. We didn’t want to go back to Memphis. “

Dillon Brooks (Grizzlies) about respect from the Warriors: “There is 100 percent. You know that we are coming every year. We are young, they are getting older. Today, the rebound and the Fastbreak -Points killed. “

The star of the game: Klay Thompson

Thompson continued to knit on the “Game 6 Klay” legend. He has played in six Game 6s since 2016 and put almost 28 points on average at 54 percent from a distance. After the last weak performance, the Splash Brother was on the spot again this time. After his last triple he kept six fingers up – Game 6 Klay struck again! In the final section, he finally received support from Curry.

The flop of the game: Tyus Jones

Morant replacement in game 5 had a large part in the fact that Memphis was able to expand the series. But when it comes to scoring, Jones was almost a total failure that evening. The positive? 8 assists and 9 rebounds. The big one: For his 7 points he needed 12 attempts (2 goals).

the scene of the game

In this scene, the grizzlies finally went out. Looney developed the offensive rebound twice, then found Thompson on the left wing – Nothing but net! The Chase Center completely freaked out, from Klay the joy bubbled out. That was the last coffin nail for the very strong grizzlies season.

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NBA Playoffs: Warriors vs. Grizzlies – The series at a glance

Game Date Time Home About result
1 1. May 9:30 p.m. Memphis Grizzlies Golden State Warriors 116: 117
2 4. May 3.30 a.m. Memphis Grizzlies Golden State Warriors 106: 101

The Warriors advance to the Western Conference Finals ????
3 | 8th. May | 2.30 a.m. | Golden State Warriors | Memphis Grizzlies | 142: 112
4 | 10. May | 4 o’clock | Golden State Warriors | Memphis Grizzlies | 101: 98
5 | 12. May | 3.30 a.m. | Memphis Grizzlies | Golden State Warriors | 134: 95
6 | 14. May | 4 o’clock | Golden State Warriors | Memphis Grizzlies | 110: 96

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