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National player Thomas Müller has no concrete ideas about his career after the active career.
“I put it backwards. I feel well, I don’t feel pressure and have a wide variety of options,” said the 32-year-old in an interview with the media group Münchner Merkur/Tz.

Always a Bavarian: Thomas Müller extends his contract until 2024
At the moment, he has “in mind to play at a top level” by 2025, explained the offensive star of record champion Bayern Munich, who recently extended his contract until 2024.
In addition, plans would never be “concrete (…) because I need far too much focus to continue to keep up at this level,” said Müller.
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Basically, he also wanted to “keep the closeness to football,” said the 2014 world champion: “In what form and in what intensity, that will be shown.”

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