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Football professional Anthony Modeste, goal scorer at 1. FC Köln, appeared on Friday because of a dispute with a company for energy drinks in front of the Bonn district court.

The background of the somewhat surprising appearance: The French striker complains against the company from the Rhein-Sieg district for repayment of 350,000 euros, as a court spokeswoman said. The 1st civil chamber had ordered the parties’ personal appearance.

According to the lawsuit, the 34-year-old kicker had concluded a sales contract with the beverage manufacturer at the end of 2017, according to which the football star was supposed to sell beverage cans exclusively in France. For the license, Modeste is said to have paid 250,000 euros and 100,000 euros for the first goods.

But, according to the plaintiff: The company never delivered the drinks. The drink distributor wanted to use his prominence for PR purposes and was only interested in his money. He speaks of fraud.

However, the company denies the accusation according to the lawsuit: the company had definitely provided the goods, but the Frenchman never picked them up. Since it was food, the batch was disposed of after the end of the expiry time.

Modeste has never read the contract

According to a court spokeswoman, Modeste admitted on Friday that he had never read the contract. He believed that he had to do nothing for the distribution of the energy drinks as it was assured.

The defendant company, on the other hand, refers to the wording of the contract in the process, in which it should be listed in detail what the footballer should have done in the function as a sales officer.

An agreement was not reached. At the beginning of June, the chamber wants to decide whether the lawsuit is rejected or the case

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Surcks of witnesses should be further informed.

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