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Sergio Aguero got the promised statue: Manchester City revealed the work made from galvanized steel on Friday night, which shows the long -time attacker and record goal scorer of the incumbent English master at his most famous goal celebration. Ten years ago, Aguero Mancity dramatically gave the first Premier League title.

“That was the best moment of my life,” said the Argentinian present, who had switched to FC Barcelona in the summer of 2021, but had to end his career in December at the age of 33. “This moment has changed my life, the club, everything.”

Aguerooo !!! Last 10 Mins Manchester City QPR 3-2
Not every Aguero recognized in the artwork. “Funny that they asked Aguero to reveal a statue of Toni Kroos,” tweeted one – a “running gag” was quickly underway. In the evening, Kroos himself reacted to a tweet that contained a picture of the statue and the comment “Sergio is here”, with the question: “Sure?”

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