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Above all, the question of the future home for any games in the regional league had kept old and new those responsible at Türkgücü Munich in suspense in the past few weeks. In conversation, a shared solution with games in the Grünwald stadium and in Fürstenfeldbruck – this is exactly what the club announced this week, combined with the announcement that it would like to put together a competitive squad for the regional league.

But the restart in the regional league is probably not yet in dry cloths. Because of all places in Fürstenfeldbruck there is still a need for clarification. While Türkgücü agrees with the SC Fürstenfeldbruck and is obviously also the question of the necessary stadium highlighting with the club, local politics is now spreading.

The clubs are responsible for the time problem.

Fürstenfeldbruck Mayor Erich Raff (CSU)

It is about the interpretation of the usage contract for the stadium on Klosterstrasse. The SC and above all of his President Jakob Ettner see the opportunity to record Turkgücü Munich. “The SCF may do what the club is beneficial. And this must be that other clubs can be helped,” Ettner is quoted by the “tz”. The Mayor Erich Raff (CSU) sees differently: “Letting the stadium use other clubs are certainly not part of the club’s work.” Depending on the extent of the necessary modernization, the city council would have to decide.

Irrer Regionalliga-Krimi! Türkgücü-Wahnsinn in Memmingen | FC Memmingen - Türkgücü München| BFV.TV

This could become a big problem for Türkgücü Munich because time is pushing. By the end of June, clarity will probably have to be in order to get the license for the 4th league. “The clubs are responsible for the time problem,” says Raff of the “tz”. “Except for an email, I still had no personal contact with those responsible for Türkgücü.”

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