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The Adi Hütter era ended at Borussia Mönchengladbach after only one year. Immediately after the 5-1 success against TSG Hoffenheim, the club and the coach announced the separation. A possible successor is already being traded.

The foals and their ex-coach said that they had agreed to go their separate paths on Saturday. Hütter still had a contract in Gladbach until June 30, 2024. “We are of the opinion that this decision is correct for both sides,” said Adis director Roland Virkus.

“Our task is now to draw the conclusions from the processing of the season and to initiate the corresponding measures in order to be prepared for the new season in a new constellation at the end of June,” said Max Eberl’s successor.

Hütter had announced his farewell to the TV station “Sky” shortly before. “I would like to push all speculations aside. After many intensive, good, respectful conversations, we came to the solution in the mutual agreement that we are going separate ways. That was my last game at Borussia Mönchengladbach today,” said the 52-year-old.

The two co-trainers Christian Peintinger and Armin Reutershahn will no longer work for Borussia.

An old acquaintance could follow Hütter: According to “Sky”, ex-Gladbach coach Lucien Favre is one of the favorites on the Hütter heritage. Talks with the Swiss are said to have been held weeks ago. These conversations have been intensified in the past few days, it is said.

Gladbach pays 7.5 million euros to Eintracht Frankfurt

According to their Adis director Eberl, Gladbacher now lost the chief coach won by Eberl in January. For Hütter, the club had paid EUR 7.5 million transfer to Eintracht Frankfurt.

From the beginning, Hütter had lost a difficult stand in Mönchengladbach and after the Eberl subscription also lost his mentor in the club. Finally, the ratio of the Austrian and the team should have been heavily burdened.

There had already been media reports about an upcoming separation. The five -time German champion had clearly missed the European Cups under Hütter.

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