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Since October 2021, the German FIFA scene – whether professionals or amateurs – is fighting for a ticket for the Grand Final of the VBL. The field of participants has been complete since last weekend and the play-offs, the last 16 players are determined. The DFL subsequently announced the framework conditions.

VBL Playoffs - Der Countdown zum VBL Grand Final 2020 läuft! | Tag 1 | Virtual Bundesliga

The VBL Grand Final will take place on June 4th and 5th as an offline event in the location “Xpost” in Cologne, and spectators have also been approved for the first time since 2019. The start on Saturday will take place at 12 p.m., on Sunday between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. the new German FIFA individual master will be chosen in the last games of the season.

FUT teams from Bundesliga pool

The 32 participants divide into 16 players per console, at the beginning the field is halved in five rounds via the Swiss format. The subsequent knockout phase leads to cross-console final between Playstation and Xbox champions, the aggregated result after the return and second leg is the decisive factor.

The game is played in FUT mode of FIFA 22, but only objects from the Bundesliga or 2nd Bundesliga may be used. The free selection from this pool is limited to two players from the same club, and only one German icon and one FUT Hero from the Bundesliga are allowed in the team.

100,000 euros as a total prize money

A total of 100,000 euros is distributed, the new German Champion is driving home with 40,000 euros. In addition, the DFL in the VBL Grand Final awards three places for the play -offs for the FIFAE World Cup 2022 in July – according to a game for third place.

The reigning title bearer is umut ‘rblz_umut’ Gültekin from RB Leipzig, who has also been a German club champion since the final round of the VBL Club Championship. The managing player has slipped into the Grand Final in the club competition, the same applies to 15 other FIFA professionals.

Werder and Hansa represented three times

In addition to ‘rblz_umut’, the favorites also include Mustafa ‘XMusti19’ Cankal from the DFB Epokal winner FC St. Pauli, Timo ‘Timox’ Siep from FC Ingolstadt or Dylan ‘Dullenmike’ Neuhausen-the latter fought into the Grand Finale via the Play-Offs. Gültekin and Neuhausen also stood in the final in 2021.

Werder Bremen and Hansa Rostock are strongest with three players each: the SVW sends Michael ‘Megabit’ Bittner, Ali ‘Predatorfifa’ Oskoui Rad and Jamie ‘Svw_Chaser’ Bartel into the race. The “Kogge” is represented by Henning ‘FCH_Henning’ Wilmbusse, Felix ‘Zizou7zidane’ Limbach and Levy Finn ‘Levyfinn’ Rieck.

title defender and two ex-masters

A moderated live broadcast is planned on both final days, which is broadcast on the Twitch channel of the VBL and EA Sports. The big end of the season can also be followed on television, the occupation of the moderator positions has not yet been communicated.

The German FIFA individual championship as part of the VBL has been carried out since the 2012/13 season, and Kevin Assia secured the first national title at the time. With ‘Megabit’, ‘RBlz_umut’ and the Cologne Tim ‘Thestrxnger’ Katnawatos, three former title bearers are qualified for the Grand Final 2022.

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