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Ottmar Hitzfeld as a mastermind on the sidelines, Matthias Sammer as Heater and Leitwolf on the lawn: driven by this duo, Borussia Dortmund won the Champions League in 1997. At that time, however, there could be no question of harmony between the two BVB alpha animals. A fact that Sammer now regrets.

It is no secret that the BVB between Matthias Sammer and Ottmar Hitzfeld was far from being the sunshine. In recent years, too, the two expressive heroes of Dortmund have not always had positive words for each other. However, there has been little of the former dissonances – on the contrary.

In conversation with the “kicker” “afterwards, Sammer judged that he questioned his ex-coach as an active partly noticeably openly openly openly openly openly openly questioned as a mistake” and as a sign of “missing sovereignty”. Back then he felt what he said, “but it wasn’t smart, it wasn’t good, it was immature and it wasn’t right”.

In an interview with the “Kicker”, Hitzfeld left no doubt in 2013 that the player Sammer was a challenge for him. “The most difficult was Matthias Sammer,” said the success coach. “Matthias had something to complain about after every win, I found that a bit exhausting and annoying. You can’t always list all the mistakes, otherwise you will lose self -confidence.”

Borussia Dortmund Pfosten, Latte, Motzki, Hitzfeld, sich schämen etc...

“Irritations” between Sammer and Hitzfeld at BVB

Sammer also confirms “irritation” and “cracks” in the relationship with Hitzfeld. However, this did not detract from his Sammering role at BVB. When Europe’s footballer of the year 1996 was fit, Hitzfeld, regardless of his own ego, also set him up.

Instead of Hitzfeld, however, his body Sammer caused more and more problems from 1997. After he had to fit again and again in the course of the season, a routine operation was introduced five months after the Champions League finale, the end of the Redschopf’s career.

Multi -resistant germs affect Sammer’s knee. Even the life of the footprint is in danger. Ultimately, treatment with antibiotics follows, but Sammer has to hang the football shoes.

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