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The 22 -year -old building actor injured himself in the third game of the second round series against the Golden State Warriors on the knee and could now be missing on Monday evening (local time). “What I heard is likely that he cannot play this game,” said Memphis coach Taylor Jenkins.

The injury had happened after a direct duel with opponent Jordan Poole. “I don’t know what happened in his head. I don’t want to say that he did it on purpose, but he recorded the leg. I just wonder what happened there,” said Jenkins.

Ja Morant accuses Jordan Poole of

Poole defends itself against allegations

Poole defended himself against the allegations: “I wanted to have the ball and also touched it. I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I am not like that.” According to ESPN, the NBA will not carry out any further examinations against pools. The Warriors lead 2-1 victories in the “Best-of-Seven” mode mode in the previously fiercely contested series and are considered favored with their superstar Stephen Curry.

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