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In the 2nd Bundesliga, Werder Bremen is a guest in the fight for promotion at Erzgebirge Aue. You can follow the entire game here in the live ticker.

Erzgebirge Aue vs. Werder Bremen – 0: 0




List Erzgebirge Aue

| Klewin – Baumgart, Majetschak, Ballas, Carlson – Schreck, Fandrich, Jonjic, Nazarov, Zolinski – Owusu

List Werder Bremen

| Pavlenka – Veljkovic, Toprak (36th Rapp), Friedl – Weiser, C. Groß, A. Jung, Bittencourt, Schmid – Füllkrug, Ducksch

Yellow cards


Carlson (15th) / Bittencourt (44.)

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Erzgebirge Aue vs. Werder Bremen: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – 0: 0

Halftime: This is anything but ready for climbing what Werder offers with the already relegated Auern. Offensive without ideas, too little snappy in the duels and partly phlegmatic at the back – Bremen needs a clear increase in half -time two to take three points against passionate home side.

Erzgebirge Aue vs. Werder Bremen: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – half -time break

45.+2.: Pause in the Ore Mountains!

45.+1.: There are two minutes on top.

44.: First yellow card also on the Werderan side: Bittencourt keeps the foot on in a duel with Baumgart.

41.: thick chance for Aue! Owusu strongly claims the ball at the level of the center line, takes Zolinski on the right, which takes the ball to the left corner of the penalty area after a long sprint, where Nazarov immediately pulls out and forces Pavlenka to the parade with a tight shot on the right goal corner.

38.: there was the idea! Ducksch anticipates the passport of the Schmid, which runs in the center, plays an outstanding pass from the left half field. But at the last moment Schmid is prevented by Ballas at the end of half -left.

36.: and the captain, just recovered again, actually has to be injured. Rapp comes for him.

34.: One would like it to smoke in terms of football – but it only does that in the Auer fan block. There is again a lot of purple smoke. Meanwhile, Toprak is on the lawn, which has come up stupid after a woven battle with Owusu.

30.: half an hour played – and Werder is not yet a fire here that it would need to take the big step towards the Bundesliga today.

27.: Aue has won 60 percent of the duels so far. Werder has to come much more.

Erzgebirge Aue - Werder Bremen: 2.Liga Highlights 08.05.2022 [33. Spieltag]

24.: That actually has to be a goal! Fullkrüg snaps the ball away in the forward gear, goes over to the right into the penalty area and only needs to put the ball down to the center to the completely free duck. But the cross is nothing, trudges towards the goal line.

22.: It seems to be a game of patience for Werder. Aue defends it extremely compactly about your own goal. The guests didn’t have a real chance yet.

20.: Aue is aggressively present. After winning the ball, Fandrich goes through the center, pulls out of around 20 meters. But his shot passes around a meter past the right post.

17.: After a good quarter of an hour, Werder is becoming more and more established in half of the home side, has a good 70 percent possession.

15.: Carlsson loses the ball 25 meters in front of your own goal on the left defense and then goes into Schmid with an open sole – yellow card.

12.: Werder for the first time to get over several stations in a controlled manner in front of Auer. In the end, Fill mug pulls off the sixteen edge, but Klewin has no problems with the shot.

9.: Werder is still difficult to raise a controlled offensive game. Aue obviously wants to say goodbye to the 2nd Bundesliga here, wins many important duels in midfield and then quickly searches the way forward.

6.: A long ball reaches Ducksch, who has plenty of space in the center. In the end, the striker tries it with a lupfer against Klewin, but the ball goes far across the goal.

4.: This action should be a shot in front of the Bug of the Hanseatic League: Werder is very high, but it is not possible without defensive protection, the offside goal of Nazarov has shown.

1.: Aue cheers after a few seconds! Owusu gets the ball in the Toprak duel, goes deep and covering the ball. There Fandrich almost strikes over the ball, so that he trudges the five, where Nazarov presses the ball over the line. But the scream of goal in the Keim – Nazarov was offside.

1.: The ball rolls.

Erzgebirge Aue vs. Werder Bremen: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – kick -off

Before the start: Three changes, Ole Werner takes 2: 3 against Kiel in his first eleven: Toprak, Veljkovic and Groß are back after injuries and illnesses and displace Gruev, AGU and Rapp onto the bench.

Before the start: There are six changes in the Saxony starting eleven compared to the 0: 6 debacle against Darmstadt: Messeguem (ribbon in the knee), Gonther, Cacutalua, Barylla, Strauß and Trujic (all on the bench) are replaced by Baumgart, Majetschak, Ballas, Fandrich, Jonjic and Owusu.

  • Klewin – Baumgart, Majetschak, Ballas, Carlson – Schreck, Fandrich, Jonjic, Nazarov, Zolinski – Owusu

Before the start: In the fight for the ascent, the 2nd Bundesliga is really exciting! With 57 points, Werder Bremen is in the middle of the promotion battle. Ole Werner’s team had to accept a damper in the 2: 3 defeat on the last match day against Holstein Kiel. On the other hand, today’s hosts from Aue have relegated two game days before the end. Does Bremen meet his role today?

Before the start: The game on the 33rd matchday of the 2nd Bundesliga begins today at 1.30 p.m. in the Erzgebirge Stadium in Aue.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the LiveTicker to the game between Erzgebirge Aue and Werder Bremen.

Erzgebirge Aue vs. Werder Bremen: 2nd Bundesliga today in the LiveTicker – official constellations

Erzgebirge Aue: * Klewin – Baumgart, Majetschak, Ballas, Carlson – Schreck, Fandrich, Jonjic, Nazarov, Zolinski – Owusu
Werder Bremen: * Pavlenka – Veljkovic, Toprak, Friedl – Weiser, C. Groß, A. Jung, Bittencourt, Schmid – Füllkrug, Ducksch

Erzgebirge Aue vs. Werder Bremen: 2. Bundesliga today live on TV and livestream

Sky today shows the games between Erzgebirge Aue and Werder Bremen exclusively in Pay-TV on Sky Sport Bundesliga 2. From 1:00 p.m. you can see the transfer there live and in full length. Klaus Veltmann then comments on the game from 1.30 p.m.

With the Sky Go -app or the SKY TICKET you can also follow the game live and fully in the live stream. Onefootball also offers you the option to acquire the encounter as a single stream, without a subscription.

Track the end of the season live: now acquire the skyticket.

2. Bundesliga, matchday 33: The current table

Square Team Games Tore Difference Points
1 FC Schalke 04 33 70: 43 27 62
2 Hamburger SV 33 64: 33 31 57
3 SV Darmstadt 98 33 68: 46 22 57
4 Werder Bremen 32 60: 43 17 57
5 FC St. Pauli 33 59: 46 13 54
6 SC Paderborn 07 33 56: 41 15 51
7 1. FC Nürnberg 32 48: 44 4 51
8 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 33 41: 45 -4 49
9 Fortuna Düsseldorf 33 45: 40 5 44
10 Holstein Kiel 32 42: 51 -9 42
11 Hansa Rostock 33 39: 49 -10 41
12 Karlsruher SC 32 52: 51 1 40
13 Jahn Regensburg 33 50: 49 1 40
14 Hannover 96 33 32: 47 -15 39
15 SV Sandhausen 33 39: 53 -14 38

16 | Dynamo Dresden | 32 | 31: 43 | -12 | 31
17 | Erzgebirge Aue | 32 | 31: 69 | -38 | 23
18 | FC Ingolstadt 04 | 33 | 28: 62 | -34 | 21

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