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It was probably the scene of the game between Zwickau and Saarbrücken – After Zwickaus Max Jansen had gone to the ground with FCS defender Lukas Boeder in the penalty area in the duel, referee Alexander Sather decided at 1-0 for FCS at a penalty. In a fair play gesture, however, the “fouled” of the impartial himself admitted that he was not hit, so that the penalty was withdrawn. After the game, both participants commented on the “Magenta Sport” microphone about the campaign.

I was shocked that there was a penalty at all.

Lukas Boeder

Floor Jansen makes history ! 15 Seconds of An F5 Belt - Nemo (4/5/2022)
“For me it was not a penalty, so I laughed directly,” said “culprit” Lukas Boeder about the campaign. The defender and goal scorer for the meantime for the home side had tried to clarify in the duel with Jansen and missed both the ball and the opponent. “I am a meter away from him, so I was shocked that there was a penalty at all,” said the 25-year-old. “But Max was honest, that is worth it,” Boeder praised his former teammate, with whom he had played together at MSV Duisburg in the 2019/20 season.

“My first thought was: horny – he fell for it”

Also Jansen, who was back in the starting eleven against Saarbrücken for the first time since the 20th matchday, was able to laugh at the campaign after the final whistle. “My first thought was: cool – he fell in it,” the 28 -year -old explained his emotional situation after the whistle. “In the second thought, however, I decided to be a fair sports man and move it down,” continued the midfielder.

After Zwickau had secure the relegation before the game and was in the secured middle of the table, the pressure against the table seventh was to be won by all means. When asked whether he had acted the same if the FSV was still involved in the relegation battle, he replied truthfully: “I would definitely not have admitted it if it had been going on.”

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