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Any warrior thirsting for lots of loot and monster blood can’t sit idle. While Diablo has dominated the action RPG scene for years, the new game series has been rocking for a long time. So, we present the best Diablo-like action RPGs out there right now. So if you want to think outside the box, are tired of Diablo 3, or need to kill waiting for Diablo 4, check out the 18 best action RPGs.

Borderlands 3

What applies to Borderlands 3 also applies to its two predecessors to a certain extent: Here, you unleash thousands of weapons and embark on an utterly insane wasteland adventure. Borderlands created Lootshooter, thereby transferring the Diablo concept into the first-person shooter genre.
But unlike many free-to-play rides, Borderlands always offers fantastic story campaigns that keep single and multiplayer playable for hours. In addition to the strange world, the stars here are countless odd characters. Hardly any other series often puts such memorable characters in front of the gun.

Suitable for the crowd:
Borderlands is known and famous for its offbeat but excellent humor. Borderlands uses the same loot spiral as Diablo for lures and relies on many different shooting irons. You won’t find the variety of weapon options anywhere else. But you have to realize this is a first-person shooter. Borderlands also wins a lot if you venture into the wasteland with a few friends. Just don’t expect a fatally severe plot.


In Hades, you play a boy named Zagreus. His problem is that those whose fathers are gods of the underworld are not living their best lives. Zagreus agrees and decides to run away. Father Hades didn’t like this and released the Lord of Hell to kill his son. He also succeeded. Then again. Then again. And… yes, again. Each death results in a new escape attempt. Meanwhile, a story no less than Greek drama unfolding in terms of love, intrigue, and betrayal.
That alone is enough to make a recommendation. But Hades also offers an incredibly diverse combat system that allows for countless combinations of god abilities. You’ve come to the right place if you want to beat Hellenistic hell instead of Christianity as Diablo’s exception.

Who is it best for:
You definitely shouldn’t have any problem dying a lot. But that doesn’t mean you should be forced to think that Hades needs to be very resistant to setbacks. The game excels at keeping every death insight and never feels like a clunky setback. Every run gives you new opportunities, and the story goes on—more incentives for the game to constantly test new builds and skills.

Little Tina’s Wonderland

The game’s title doesn’t reveal it, but Wonderland is part of the Borderlands franchise. However, the branch is based on Borderlands 2’s DLC, where we watched Dungeon & Villains, the Borderlands variant of Dungeons & Dragons.
Like in the DLC, we’re essentially characters, creating an interesting meta-level where conversations between dungeon master Tiny Tina and her companions change the world in a way. We’re not exploring a sci-fi world like Borderlands 3, but a strange mix of fantasy and Borderlands elements.
The gameplay is also slightly different from the classic Borderlands games. You still use firearms, but now there are various spells in place of grenades that work well. You can also choose a second class in the game, combining more skill trees.

Who is it for?
As with Borderlands 3, you can expect a motivating loot spiral, many different weapons, and bizarre humor. Wonderland is also best explored with friends, but you can easily venture alone.

Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is the spiritual successor to Titan Quest from some of the same developers. It inherits its unique but well-thought-out character system: for our heroes, we freely combine two classes of our choice, then move up their two skill trees to define our character’s game Way. Grim Dawn doesn’t have to dodge competition when finding prey and fighting monsters.

Who is it for?
One of its biggest strengths is the atmospheric game world. Grim Dawn takes us into a post-apocalyptic Victorian setting that we can sometimes even influence through our choices. This makes Grim Dawn an exciting Diablo alternative for those whose game world and environment are more than a story frame. Also, if Path of Exile is too complicated for you and Diablo isn’t deep enough, Grim Dawn has the perfect combination for you.

Last Epoch

The action role-playing game Last Epoch takes you through time. You can travel around his world in four distinct eras, and, typical of the genre, you’ll be blasting bells to rows of opponents in each period. But it also means you’ll have to deal with different types of enemies in each era. For example, in ancient times, you disintegrated a dinosaur one by one, while in the age of emperors, you processed the undead hordes of evil emperors into bone meals.
You choose your hero from four upper classes. As the primitive man draws on the power of nature, the acolyte summons a few corpses of her own. Mages also use elemental powers, while Sentinels wear heavy armor, which they then smash. Last Epoch is still in development but is already playable in Early Access on Steam.

Who is it for?
Since Last Epoch is still in Early Access, don’t expect the whole game. Endgame and some loot rewards are still pending. Also, the graphics never look entirely fresh. The same applies to sound. Still, you can already get a lot of fun out of an action RPG, especially since it’s a lot less buggy than Wolcen. In terms of complexity, Last Epoch is somewhere between Diablo 3 and Path of Exile and offers a fascinating skill system, each with a separate talent tree.

Titan Mission
Action RPG takes you through numerous mythological settings, from ancient Greece, through Babylon and China to Atlantis and the frozen north. So you also defeat various monsters from various mythical worlds. Titan Quest originally appeared in 2006 but suddenly received three new addons in 2017, 2019, and 2021.
The game’s character system stands out. You do not choose courses but choose up to two majors. For example, you can create a pure warrior, or you can be a battle mage or a powerful wizard who can rule the dead and control the fire.

Who is it for?
Titan Quest is very linear, especially compared to Diablo 3. These areas are hand-designed and look very nice, but they are precisely the same every time you play the game. Even tasks and tasks are always in the same place. However, the numerous combinations of individual specialties provide a lot of freedom in character creation. This allows you to spend a lot of time finding the best synergies.

Victor Vran

Victor Vran has a lot in common with Van Helsing, as Victor also earns money by fighting monsters. Unlike the excellent Van Helsing, Victor primarily pursues demons. We are free to decide how he hunts the beast. Our abilities vary with the type of weapon equipped.
Demonic powers like Meteor Bombardment, costumes, and fate cards with passive bonuses, give us more freedom to customize our heroes. If you want to pierce a solid personal opponent quickly, you can use a sword, eg. On the other hand, the grenade launcher is the preferred method if you want to set a whole horde of monsters on fire.

Who is it for?
Victor Vran is perfect for anyone who loves action RPG action. In addition to the classic mouse controls, we can use WASD to move our fighters with a more natural feel – and regardless of the control scheme, brisk footwork is far more critical than in Diablo 3. Victor Vran certainly isn’t for those who like to spend hours thinking about skill trees. But when it comes to fast and action-packed monster slaughter! The most complicated hacks & slays are not worth the money here.

Torchlight 2

Any game on this list is closer to the venerable Diablo 2 than Torchlight 2 – no wonder since it comes from some of Diablo’s inventors! Its strengths make the entire genre great from the start: detailed and free character development, a considerable incentive to collect tons of cool loot, and a flawless gameplay flow when slaughtering monsters.
All of this in a vast game world with colossal replay value — mainly since the eager modding scene also provides extra material. Meanwhile, Torchlight 3 has been released, but it’s not quite up to the level of its predecessor.

Who is it for?
Torchlight 2 may not have taken the genre by leaps and bounds, but it’s one of the best examples of its classic virtues. So if you want a game that deftly reproduces all of Diablo’s strengths and doesn’t expect too much innovation, you can grab it without hesitation. However, Diablo veterans should also consider that the dark mood of the genre’s father in Torchlight 2 gave way to colorful comic graphics.

Diablo 3

it’s clear. At this point, we don’t have to explain Diablo to anyone anymore. However, for completeness, it should not be left out. Diablo 3 is the latest fork in the series to make this type of action RPG socially acceptable.
The game itself had to deal with somewhat arbitrary loot allocations and a contentious auction house at launch but has drawn itself again in Reaper at the latest and offers a visually stunning collection from the very first hut.

Who is it for?
Diablo is, of course, one of the most important things: the original. The game’s ability to look back on a busy history has earned it an excellent rating for its nostalgia factor alone. However, by part three at the latest, Diablo is no longer the number one vanguard in terms of complexity. Blizzard is focused on accessibility, offering tough challenges only after the main story is over. Diablo 3 is a game for fans and players looking for the best compromise between accessibility, level, and multiplayer experience.

Path of Exile

Incredibly complex, incredibly dark, and very motivating: Path of Exile is considered by many fans to be the true legacy of Diablo 2. Every competitive game looks like a kid’s birthday party compared to its multi-layered character development.
Fireballs can penetrate enemies, bounce from one target to another, and split into multiples on impact! Seven classes pick out new traits from a vast network of abilities, each of which could theoretically go in any direction—just from a different starting point. We unlock active skills with gems, which we use in the device, and freely modify with other connected gems.

Who is it for?
If the text above is unclear: Path of Exile is a massive and complex monster! This is a home for any player who invests time in their class building and consistently strives to climb the leaderboards. Best of all, it’s all completely free! Path of Exile probably has one of the fairest Free2Play models on the market, and we only pay for cosmetics or luxuries like extra chest compartments. So if you’re on a budget, there’s nothing better than spending a few hours immersed in Path of Exile.


After Diablo did it, many ARPGs relied on a medieval fantasy setting. Ascent swims upstream and instead offers you a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world.
The game begins when one of the significant giant corporations mysteriously shuts its doors. In the resulting power vacuum, various struggles ensued. As a former working slave of a major corporation, you throw yourself into the fray to find out what happened to your former employer and end the factionalism at the same time.

Who is it for?
Ascent is a Diablo for cyberpunk lovers. Because it is not swords and magic fighting here, but firearms and network software. So you can also specialize, which is especially helpful for co-ops. This way, everyone can bring their strengths to the team to work together more effectively against numerous enemies.


In Chronicon, you can end it almost instantly because evil has been defeated! Here, however, you will travel through time and space with a veritable magical contraption and experience the outstanding achievements of various heroes. They deal with multiple monsters. So here you are as a Templar, Berserker, Guardian, or Warlock, and fight in randomly generated dungeons and areas for up to four players.

Who is it for?
Chronicon is a celebration for character customization enthusiasts. There are also 900 skills, abilities, perks, and unlimited character progression through mastery levels. You can do the theory for quite a while here.

Lost Ark

In early 2022, the hit from South Korea made its way to Europe and the United States after a full three years. Lost Ark isn’t just an ARPG, and it’s an MMORPG that you can spend a lot of time playing.
There are two worlds here, Arkesia and Petrania, representing light and darkness, but both were created by the same god: Regulus. As a player, you fight for the former and must find the Lost Ark to prevent the great demon Kazeros from escaping his prison.

Who is it for?
Lost Ark is mainly focused on its PvE mode and exploration. There’s also an optional PvP mode, but if you don’t like quests, finding Lost Ark Gold and collectibles, crafting, and more, this game might not be for you. PvE friends, on the other hand, get the whole package.
Lost Ark has an initial ability to follow the story and requires you to love the endgame content. Because once you hit max level 50, you’ll mainly only be dealing with them.

Weird West

If you mix a dark fantasy RPG with a classic western setting, it becomes unusual: that’s probably what the developers of Weird West had in mind and named their game accordingly. In this version of the Wild West, you’ll encounter a variety of supernatural creatures such as werewolves, witches, and bison minotaurs. You will also experience grotesque stories about these creatures, curses, and ghosts.
You can expect an exciting story mastered by five different characters in Weird West, but it also has delicious action RPG fare. In battle, you have to act tactically and skillfully using the advantages of different weapon types, from shotguns to revolvers to bows and arrows. You can also use the environment to create devastating explosions and fires with dynamite barrels and oil lamps.
Strange West invites you to experiment and let you do it your way. You can develop your character through various talents. However, this does not require any skill points. Instead, you have to find artifacts scattered around the world.

Who is it for?
If you like unusual scenarios and action RPGs with gripping stories and exciting combat but prefer to play alone and don’t want to invest too much time, check out Weird West. It is mainly optimized for controllers. However, if you choose to play games with a mouse and keyboard, you’ll have to compromise on the controls.

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