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Schalke coach Mike Büskens brought the last minute-2: 1 in Sandhausen Drexler (back to the yellow lock) and Ouwejan Neu in the starting team, Calhanoglu and Zalazar had to give way (both bank).

St. Pauli coach Timo Schultz had to struggle with a precarious personnel situation after the 1-1 in Nuremberg, since nine players had been positively tested for the Coronavirus shortly after the Nuremberg game. Accordingly, Schultz had to be creative, he exchanged half a dozen players and brought goalkeeper Smarsch and Beifus, Hartel, Irvine, Benatelli and Matanovic. Becker, Buchtmann, Daschner and Dittgen were completely missing in the squad, Lawrence and Vasilj.

There was great cheering for both teams on Friday evening, when Fortuna Düsseldorf defeated SV Darmstadt 98 with 2-1 and was determined: wins St. Pauli, despite five winless games in the promotion race – wins S04 Knapped as the first promoted in the Bundesliga.

Schalke begins furiously – St. Pauli has Matanovic

So there was a lot in the game in the sold -out Veltins -Arena – and Schalke started vigorously. After just half a minute, Terodde appeared freely in front of the smarsch, but failed due to his strong foot defense. Even after that, the concise euphoric attacked the optimistic fans like a robbery and produced possibilities every minute – but the goal fell on the other side: In the 9th minute of the game, St. Pauli really got into play for the first time, cheekily combined to go to the front to the front And took the lead through Matanovic’s first goal of the season.

Königsblau was not shocked, the Büskens elf continued to play undeterred, but missed chance for chance, Terodde narrowly missed the ball (12th). The KiezPaulis hardly came to catch – but if they met immediately. So also in the second attack after Fraisl Irvine involuntarily played the ball into her feet. The Australian passed on to Matanovic, who left two Schalke and scored his double pack (17th).

Terodde (still) hapless

As already two weeks earlier against Bremen, S04 ran after a 0-2 deficit, also because ita-Kura had previously touched the ball by hand during his header (23rd). The intensive game continued to offer no breathing time, but Schalke’s exploitation of opportunities remained miserably until the break, nor did it work at Terodde (33.).

The second round began like the first: Less than 30 seconds were played, Schalke was again in front of the KiezPauli goal: Medic had pulled Terodde on her arm, referee Marco Fritz pointed to the point and Terodde made the connection (47.).

Terodde this time ice -cold – comeback ushered in

Immediately the spectators were back and support their team loudly, which dominated, but no longer played out the multitude of opportunities as in the first half. But Schalke didn’t need that either, because what was missing for 45 minutes, Königsblau caught up in the second section.

After Kaminski’s diagonal ball, Churlinov took off in the penalty area and found Terodde again, the Smarsch tunned and made the promotion possible in the Veltins Arena with seasonal goal 29 (71.). The spectators also felt this and support their team loudly – and they paid back.

Zalazar lets all dams break

Bülter had the eye for the Zalazar, which was substituted ten minutes earlier, who wanted to leave no doubt about his ex-club and chased the ball on the bottom edge of the crossbar and into the net (78.). After that, of course, all the dams were broken, there was no stopping in the ranks.

There were still ten minutes to go, but St. Pauli seemed tired and lost his nerves: Beifus, who had given the great chance of the new KiezPauli leadership shortly before the 3-2 for Schalke (76.), Rüde Flick drove in The parade and saw red (81st), in added time Matanovic also saw the traffic light card – the guests had decimated twice.

St. Pauli finally pulled the tooth, after eight minutes of injury time Fritz finished the game and thus made the promotion for Königsblau perfect. While the KiezPauli now only have three points behind in third place, S04 celebrates the direct return to the Bundesliga.

Schalke will be guest on the 34th matchday on May 15 (3.30 p.m.) at 1. FC Nürnberg, St. Pauli then welcomes Fortuna Düsseldorf at the same time.

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