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Coach Christian Streich from SC Freiburg has expressed sharp criticism because of the ingotation of the supposed compensation in the Bundesliga game against Union Berlin. “This is amazing. After the two pictures I saw, this is completely puzzling to me,” said the coach of the Breisgauer after the 1: 4 (0: 3) on Saturday against the Köpenicker with a view to the decision of the video Assistant.

Referee Felix Brych had withdrawn the goal for the supposed 1: 1 by Lucas Höler (23rd) after a hint from the Cologne cellar.

Streich über Union Berlin: „Eine schwer zu bespielende Mannschaft“
“The ball is on the sleeve. Maybe I will cut, but I didn’t see that it was on the skin. This is not a hand,” said Streich, who was above all upset because Brych hadn’t looked at the scene himself.

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He would like to talk to video assistant Schmidt, “how he comes up with the idea of having the conviction, not having anyone looked at,” said Streich. In his view, it was “a game -decisive scene” “that would have opened up many options”.

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