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Andrea Trinchieri had two thoughts after the Euroleague. “Congratulations to FC Barcelona. They deservedly progressed,” said FC Bayern Munich coach.

The Italian coach of the basketball Bundesliga team was much more important. “I want to congratulate you,” enthused Trinchieri after the unfortunate knockout. in the quarter -finals. “You played an incredible season. I’m proud of you.”

The 72:81 at the Euroleague title favorite FC Barcelona on Tuesday in the decision-making game for the final tour on May 19 in Belgrade “tah”, noted Bavaria’s Ognjen Jaramaz. For the second time in a row, the Munich failed in the playoff quarter-finals. Last year Olimpia Milan (2: 3) was the end station. Now the title favorite Barcelona was better. “We are very disappointed because we haven’t made it again,” said Managing Director Marko Pesic at “MagentaBayern Munich”. The club will attack again next year. Then the first final four participation of a German basketball club in the Euroleague should succeed.

There was no reproach to the team after the end – on the contrary. In game five, too, the Munich team of the Catalans’ star ensemble around the former NBA professional Nikola Mirotic were equal. Even without the injured top performers Corey Walden or Darrun Hilliard, the Trinchieri team had a chance of win for a long time until the third quarter (15:29) made the preliminary decision. “Congratulations to this character, to this attitude. They never give up,” said Pesic about the Bayern team.

Bayern do not have time to rest. In the league, the Munich team is about reaching second place in the league between May 6 and 10 in three games. On Friday (7:00 p.m./Magenta Bayern Munich), the third in the table will continue at Ratiopharm Ulm. Then the BG Göttingen comes to Munich before Alba Berlin will guest on the Isar.

Barca Celebrates Their Final Four Bound After Almost Not Making It

Above all, the duel with the master from the capital could be the start of the title fight. In the league playoffs there may be a dream final against Berlin. But two enormously important professionals are still missing in Hilliard and Walden. On Tuesday, top scorer Othello Hunter (18 points) from the Blaugrana Palau hobbled. “The team has character,” said Pesic, repeating: “She will never give up.”

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