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Unfortunately, Netflix is a platform that cannot house all the films and series of the world at the same time. While every month we see an extensive list of novelties, It is also true that some productions have to say goodbye to the public , and in May it will not be the exception.

On this occasion, films such as Resident Evil: Degeneration and top gun will leave the service today , and in the next few days other productions will also be withdrawn.

May 1

-The Age of Innocence.

-A Yellow Bird.

-Aligos with money.

-Closer: carried by desire.


-After Earth.

-This is my son.

-Fire in the Blood.

-He Even Has Your Eyes.

-John and Yoko: ABOVE US ONLY SKY.

-Sees it.

-The girl in the web.

Hidden Netflix Gems You'll Regret Not Watching
-Plende policies.

-Well of parents.

-Peter Pan.

-Dear John.

-Resident Evil -Degeneration.

-Resident Evil: Vendetta

-Roman J. Israel.

-The hangover games.

-Space chimps.

-Obre everything, Sunny.

-Do not mess with the Zohan.

-Top Gun: Passion and glory.

-Mission Impossible.

May 2

-Iris (1 season).

-Boys Over Flowers (1 season).

May 3

-Bodyguard: the bodyguard.

May 4th

-The simplest is to complicate everything.

May 8

-Monogam (2 seasons).

May 9

-Gatao 2: The king’s rise.

15 th of May

-The Real Housewives of New York City (2 seasons).

-Bakugan -Battle Planet (1 season).

Although there is no original production here, there are several films that are worth a lot, such as impossible emission_ and top gun . On related issues, here you can check everything that will arrive in Netflix in May. Similarly, this is what Netflix will charge for sharing your password away from home.

Editor’s note:

As Netflix changes are implemented, it is very likely that the output of productions that are not original is more and higher. Paying licenses is somewhat expensive, and considering the situation of the company, there is not much to do about it.

Vía: El Financiero

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