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The Hamburger SV will be guest at FC Ingolstadt on the 32nd matchday of the 2nd Bundesliga. Here is the encounter in the live ticker.

In the fight for promotion to the Bundesliga, HSV is going to the matter for FC Ingolstadt on match day 32. start ticks the 90 minutes live.

Click here for the live ticker of the game Dynamo Dresden vs. Jahn Regensburg.

FC Ingolstadt vs. HSV 0: 2 (0: 2)

Tore | 0: 1 Kittel (27th), 0: 2 Schonlau (29th)
Listing Ingolstadt | Stojanovic – Stevanovic, Antonitsch, Musliu – Heinloth, Preißinger, Gaus, D. Franke, Pick – Pat. Schmidt, Kutschke
List HSV | Heuer Fernandes – Heyer, Vuskovic, Schonlau, Muheim – Rice, Meffert, Jatta, Suhonen – Glatzel, Kittel
yellow cards | HSV: Schonlau (21st)

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FC Ingolstadt vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker 0: 2

half -time | After a double strike in the middle of the first half, the HSV deserves 2-0. Kittel and Schonlau, each with a header, almost put the Knockout within two minutes. Since then, only Hamburgers have played.

FC Ingolstadt vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga in the live ticker – 1st half

45.+1. | that’s it with round one!

45.+1. | One minute is re -enacted here.

44. | rice takes the next shot from a distance, but was not born to the goal scorer – this game makes no exception…

41. | Well -thought -out variant: The free kick is played in parallel to the sixteen line across the center, where Kittel loosens from the crowd of players and pulls directly flat towards the right corner. Stojanovic has followed the ball.

40. | Heyer gets the free kick against two men, good position, right close to the sixteeneck…

37. | Jatta plays across Kittel, who is shot from a distance, but over it.

34. | The HSV has won three out of four away games in Ingolstadt, the fourth is probably only a matter of time. Since the goals, Hamburgers have been even more confident.

31. | You don’t make a booth and your own fans nervous for almost half an hour, then the HSV strikes twice: strong!

FC Ingolstadt vs. HSV: Schonlau to 0: 2!

29. | Tooooooooooooor! FC Ingolstadt – Hamburger SV 0: 2. No joke, it hit again! Preißinger wants to clarify close to the corner flag, but hits the ball directly into the legs of the Hamburg Muheim. From the left half field he crosses into the box, where the rising Schonlau extends into the far corner with the crest. Double hit HSV! ****

FC Ingolstadt vs. HSV: Kittel to 0: 1!

27. | Tooooooooooooor! FC Ingolstadt – Hamburger SV 0: 1. In the second attempt it works! With the hoe in the penalty area, Kittel forwards to Glatzel, who freely spoils Suhonen at the penalty point. Antonitsch comes and saves for the already beaten Stojanovic. From there the ball bounces up and left, where Kittel is adding and blocking into the right empty Toreck! ****

26. | He probably took the 3-way wood out of his golf pocket: rice bangs the ball from 22 meters as far as left past the goal…

24. | nice combination! Ingolstadt attacks on the left, Heyer is covered by two men. The direct flank of Franke finds the head of Kutschke near the penalty point, which heads through the crossbar.

FC Ingolstadt vs. HSV: yellow for Schonlau

21. | Schonlau stops Schmidt close to the center line and is warned with yellow. It is the first yellow card of the game.

18. | More will than force was behind this distance attempt by Preißinger, whose shot on the goal on the way almost starved…

15. | that has to be 1: 0! Ball gain close to the center line, Pass from Kittel and then Glatzel appears freely in front of the keeper. The center forward looks Stojanovic and pushes the ball flat from 14 meters to the left corner, but misses the box by a few centimeters. Bitter!

12. | Kittel in offside: After a long shot, Stojanovic bounces aside. Kittel does without the end and crosses the short post from the short up to the long post, where Suhonen misses. Only then does the flag go up…

8th. | There is no danger from the corner, Ingolstadt clarifies the short -played variant.

* 7. | First first shot! Meffert grabs the second ball in the central midfield and pulls off crunchy onto the right corner, Preißinger falsifies the corner kick…

5. | The FCI starts a delicate first attempt at attack on the left, but Heyer has his side under control and conquers the ball.

3. | As was to be expected, the HSV attacks early in half of the opponent…

1. | Let’s go!

FC Ingolstadt vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga in the live ticker – before the start

Before the start: The guests had won the first leg 3-0. The referee of today’s second leg is Dr. Robert Kampka – It will start soon!

Before the start: Pressure also have the Hamburgers who have won three of the past five games – but since December 2020 no more away winning in a row. Would be the opportunity again today?

Before the start: Accordingly, the focus at the club from the long-term FCI boss Dietmar Beiersdorfer is already on the new third division season. Most recently, the home team was not up to the pressure: only one of the last five games was won.

Before the start: For the Ingolstadt residents, on the other hand, it is the first act of a three -play farewell tour through the second division, the Bavaria are the first relegation, with 20 points from 31 games (only four wins) are bottom of the table.

Before the start: standing in 5th place, the red pants could pass to city rival FC St. Pauli and temporarily on the currently third -placed Darmstadt 98 (both 54 points). However, the lilies can still go against Aue at 8:30 p.m.

Before the start: A week after the 4-2 victory in Regensburg, coach Tim Walter exchanges only one player: Kittel is allowed to start on the left wing, merchant starts from the bank.

Before the start: coach Rüdiger Rehm relies on four new ones compared to the 2-2 in Karlsruhe, where the descent of the FCI was sealed. Kutschke, Gaus, Stojanovic and Stevanovic begin for the missing Bilbija, Röhl, Jendrusch and Schröck.

FC Ingolstadt vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga in the LiveTicker – The constellations

Before the start: The lineups are there! So the two teams go into the game:

* Ingolstadt: Stojanovic – Stevanovic, Antonitsch, Musliu – Heinloth, Preißinger, Gaus, D. Franke, Pick – Pick. Schmidt, Kutschke

  • HSV: Heuer Fernandes – Heyer, Vuskovic, Schonlau, Muheim – Rice, Meffert, Jatta, Suhonen – Glatzel, Kittel

???? LIVE: FC Ingolstadt - HSV 0:4 | 32. Spieltag | Match-Reaction | Hamburger SV


Before the start: Happiness needs HSV in any case: At such a late time of the second division season, three points have never been caught up since the relegation was introduced. We take a look at the lineups.

Before the start: Nuremberg and St. Pauli shared the points, Werder even left three lying down against Kiel: thanks to the cats of the competition, Hamburger SV is back in the promotion race, if not in the middle – provided that the permanently planned three succeeds today in Ingolstadt.

Before the start: Welcome to the 2nd Bundesliga to meet the 32nd game day between FC Ingolstadt and Hamburger SV.

FC Ingolstadt vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga today in the live ticker – The constellations

Ingolstadt: * Stojanovic – Stevanovic, Antonitsch, Musliu – Heinloth, Preißinger, Gaus, D. Franke, Pick – Pick. Schmidt, Kutschke
HSV: * Heuer Fernandes – Heyer, Vuskovic, Schonlau, Muheim – Rice, Meffert, Jatta, Suhonen – Glatzel, Kittel

FC Ingolstadt vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga today live on TV and livestream

You can see the meeting between Ingolstadt and HSV today live at SKY. The Pay TV broadcaster shows every game of the 2nd Bundesliga anyway because it has the exclusive transmission rights in the complete competition.

The duel Ingolstadt against Hamburg is sent to Sky Sport Bundesliga 4, commentator is Oliver Seidler. With Sky Go and Sky Ticket you have two platforms as options for calling the TV program as a live stream.

Track this game live: now acquire the skyticket.

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2. Bundesliga: Table before matchday 32

Square Association Games Tore Difference Points
1. Werder Bremen 31 58: 40 18 57
2. Schalke 04 31 65: 40 25 56
3. Darmstadt 98 31 61: 44 17 54
4. St. Pauli 31 56: 42 14 53
5th Hamburger SV 31 58: 32 26 51
6. Nuremberg 31 47: 43 4 50
7. Paderborn 31 54: 41 13 47
8. Heidenheim 31 38: 42 -4 46
9. Karlsruher SC 31 52: 49 3 40
10. Jahn Regensburg 31 49: 46 3 39
11. Hansa Rostock 31 39: 49 -10 39
11. Holstein Kiel 31 39: 49 -10 39
13. Fortuna Düsseldorf 31 40: 38 2 38
14. Sandhausen 31 38: 49 -11 38
15. Hannover 96 31 29: 45 -16 36
16. Dynamo Dresden 31 30: 42 -12 30
17. Erzgebirge Aue 31 31: 63 -32 23
18. Ingolstadt 31 28: 58 -30 20

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