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Render System has released “ Tactical Combat Department ” handled by Lukash.

Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories Devlog – Episode 1

This is a turn -based strategy inspired by the SWAT game. The demonstration was distributed in October 2020, and then several updates were performed, and this time it was officially released. Players will lead a special unit to deal with various situations and arrest the suspect. The members of the special unit can only see the scope of their field of view, and the enemy appears randomly every time, so even if you open one door, you can kick or open it carefully, or the weapon emits sound or silencer. It is important to judge the player, such as choosing what is attached.

In addition, the shooting of each member depends on the accuracy and experience of the weapon, and the higher the range, the lower the hit rate. It is important to note that unnecessary shooting will panic to panic, causing them to scatter them, increasing the risk of being confused on the battlefield or injuring members and civilians.

“Tactical Combat Department” is on sale on Steam. Until May 12, 20%OFF is 1,216 yen.

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