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Djibril Sow is one of the undulating European League heroes of Eintracht Frankfurt. Also in the semi-final first leg at West Ham United on Thursday (from 9:00 p.m. in the live ticker and on free TV at RTL) high hopes for the midfielder. However, because of its strong performance, Sow is already traded in larger clubs, including BVB.

Before Eintracht Frankfurt can give the German football fans in the Europa League duel with West Ham United again an international great moment, there were nasty personnel worries on the agenda.

Midfield clearer Kristijan Jakic has to serve a yellow lock. Even with Djibril Sow, too, it was not certain how fit he is.

In the 2-2 on the weekend against 1899 Hoffenheim, the great relief followed: Sow celebrated his comeback as a joker after a knee strain in the final phase.

He still suffered from pain, the 25-year-old said after the game. But adrenaline is “the best pain reliever”, so. He is not worried about his commitment to West Ham.

This also applies to SGE coach Oliver Glasner. “I am expecting 90 minutes,” said the Austrian with a view to the Sows health constitution and the opportunities for operational opportunities in the away game in London.

Eintracht Frankfurt: “Scary constant season” by Djibril Sow

This is excellent news for Eintracht Frankfurt. Sow has developed splendidly this season and has become indispensable.

While some of his teammates, including Filip Kostic’s wing racer or defense giant Martin Hinteregger, are more in the focus of the public, it is relatively quiet about the Swiss international. Sow’s game significantly shapes the game of the SGE.

“Djibi plays an incredibly constant season at a very high level. And he also developed as a personality,” praised Glasner.

that makes Djibril so valuable for Eintracht Frankfurt

Sow has long since left the start -up difficulties after his change from the Bernese Young Boys to Frankfurt.

Under Glasner he is a Eintrachty leader and also makes a side person better. Not only Sow’s duel is remarkable, his playful class can also hardly be overlooked.

With precise long balls, he can quickly play the game of the Hesse or dissolve the opponent’s pressing traps. He also gives his team stability with its ball security.

Sow has developed into one of the, if not the most important player in the Frankfurt headquarters. Without him, the SGE lacks structure in your own game. No other player conducts the pace of the team so effectively.

BVB with interest in Djibril anyway?

No wonder that the Frankfurters would prolong the contract that was running until 2024.

However, continuous participation in international business is a prerequisite for this, even if Sow according to “Bild feels very comfortable in the Main.

Because even larger clubs knock on the Eintracht starter. Specifically, Sow has been trading at Borussia Dortmund for a few weeks.

He was one of the names “with which you deal with BVB”, reported “Eintracht1” reporter Patrick Berger.

why Djibril Sow doesn’t fit into the BVB-Beutchaema

A change to the designated runner -up does not seem to be particularly realistic. On the one hand, it would be too expensive for the BVB in the face of numerous squad construction sites for which a transfer fee of a whopping 30 million euros is in the room.

It is also questionable whether the Frankfurter still could help the black and yellow in Eintrachts at all.

With Axel Witsel, the only nominal six leaves the squad. Emre Can lack ball safety for this role. The national player is better in a triple chain or eighth. A position that Mahmoud Dahoud, Jude Bellingham, Julian Brandt and Giovanni Reyna can also hold.

The BVB needs a resting pole, which is ball -safe and duel strong without needing another clearer at its side.

The Dortmunders would not find these qualities in Sow. Like so many other players in the BVB squad, he is a dynamic eighth.

remains Djibril Sow at Eintracht Frankfurt?

In the event of a transfer, the Borussia threatens a waste of the financial resources that are still very limited due to the pandemic.

And even for Sow, after his first strong season, the change to a top club would come too early in a top league.

Instead, it would be good for him to develop under Glasner in Frankfurt for at least a year.

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