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THE WALKING DEAD season 10 episode 1 opening scene | TRAINING
The Walking Dead celebrates its 10th anniversary. Suitable for this was a new documentary published.

Skybound Games proclaimed this milestone: “In honor of the 10th anniversary of the first season of The Walking Dead, we have teamed up with Shaun Finney to have never before showed prototype material about the development of The Walking Dead together with stories and thoughts of Robert Kirkman, Sean Vanaman, Jake Rodkin, Dennis Lenart, Gary Whitta, Nick Herman, Greg Miller and the synchronous spokes Dave Fennoy, Gavin Hammon and Melissa Hutchison publish. We hope you like it and take you a moment to appreciate people who have worked so hard to raise this iconic story to life. And do not miss to own one of our high-quality Lee and Clementine statues from Level 52, which you can pre-order under Store.SkyBound.com! “

The Walking Dead Documentary for the 10th anniversary can be seen here:

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