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Robert Lewandowski pokers with FC Bayern as much as a new contract. After winning the championship, the scorer spoke openly about his situation in Munich. At ex-professional Dietmar Hamann, the justification of the world footballers did not care well.

After around eight years in Munich, Robert Lewandowski’s future is more unconsistic in FC Bayern. So far, the record champion and the 33-year-old could not agree on a new contract. A situation that does not easily fall according to Poland.

He had read a lot in the media, said Lewandowski after the Bundesliga duel with Borussia Dortmund (1: 3) on Saturday evening at “Sky”, “but I have not heard of the club”. He only knew that a meeting with FC Bayern would soon come.

Will Bayern Munich win again next year WITHOUT Robert Lewandowski? | ESPN FC Extra Time
Dietmar Hamann, however, showed little understanding of the statements of the midstormer. “I would like to ask him: In the last five years, when he koketted with other clubs every year in summer or in spring, whether he had thought of whether that was a difficult situation for the club?”, Criticized The former FC Bayern player at “SKY90”: “Every year, speculation – whether it was City or Real Madrid.”

Hamann can hesitate to understand FC Bayern

Hamann threw stellewski so natural and threw the attacker lacking appreciation: “He did not even say in recent years how happy he is in Munich. He has won all the titles here.”

The fact that the FC Bayern hesitates with an extension of the 2023 expiring contract can understand the TV expert. “He’s not 24 more, but soon 34 years old. He can not expect the club to say, ‘We make two years again,” Hamann said.

Nobody knows, “if he still shoots his goals next or year.”

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