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Manchester City wanted to submit in the title race and began against the table top last, FC Watford, accordingly engaged. Immediately after four minutes, the Citizens, who were spared some grounded regular players such as Gündogan, for the superiority and cracked for the first time the Watford defensive: Gabriel Jesus had to stop the foot after a visual flank of Zinchenko.

With the guided tour in the back urged the Guardiola-Eleven on the next hit, but had luck that Dennis had the pace at a counterattack (13.). Despite the enormous superiority (MANCITY had meanwhile more than 80 percent of the possession of the possession), the home fans had to be patient until the 23 minute before they could celebrate Gabriel Jesus again. This time, the Brazilian nodded a cross of de Bruyne into the net.

Kamara briefly ensures tension

The game seemed to take the expected run until Kamara suddenly showed up in the opposing sixteen and Watford brought back to the game – Ederon did not look good at the shot of the left-back (28th).

The hope of a possible point gain but quickly went again: Rodri pounded the ball from the distance in the left upper corner and thus set the old distance (34.). Since sterling once the ball from a promising position over the gate shot (37.) and the ball briefly briefly before the break in the penalty area (45. +1), it went 3-1 in the pause.

Gabriel Jesus with two goals before and after the break

EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Man City 2-2 Liverpool | Jesus, Kevin De Bruyne, Jota and Mane goals!

More efficiently than his teammate, Gabriel Jesus showed shortly after the resort: Although Watford had stopped, the Brazilian eleven seconds was brought into the penalty area after the beginning of the second passage of Foster in the penalty area.

So his tingger was not satisfied yet. After a double pass with de Bruyne, the attacker increased to 5: 1 (53.) (53.). He is the first player since September 2020 to get the four hits in a Premier League game – at that time Son met for Tottenham four times against Southampton.

City takes tempo in the final phase

Afterwards, the Citizens are quieter and Guardiola took some changes overlooking the Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid. Nevertheless, there was one way on both sides one way for another goal: But since Joao Pedro headed next to the gate (83.) and Grealish’s shot too harmless (87.), it stayed until the end of the 5: 1.

By victory, the Citizens printing on the FC Liverpool, which will receive the FC Everton tomorrow in the Merseyside Derby. Currently the lead is four meters on the LFC. City is already demanded again on Tuesday in the Champions League: Real Madrid is in the Etihad Stadium (21 clock). For Watford it goes on Saturday with the home game against FC Burnley next (16 o’clock).

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