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On Steam, the feel-good idea Cloud Gardens has already taken care of great relaxation. Now the insider tip is finally hiking on the Nintendo Switch. Overgrown in the puzzle lady quite comfortably dilapidated cities with several plants and masters challenges without ever in stress.

Update from April 22:

Steam insider tip wanderes on the switch

After the insider tip Cloud Gardens on Steam and Xbox has already successfully rooted, the relaxing game will finally appear for the Nintendo Switch.

The sweet mixture of Garden Simulator and Puzzle Game fits well with its quiet species a cozy evening on the couch. Perfect for the handheld mode of the switch. From the 12. May you can download Cloud Gardens for Nintendos Hybrid Console at a price of 14.99 euros.

The reviews on Steam speak for themselves. The Landscaping Game receives 96 percent positive reviews . Below you will find the trailer for the feel-good game.

_Apropros Feel-good game – You want further recommendations to switch off? Then we have the right picture line for you: _

Original message:

is gardener in the last-of-US style

Dilapidated buildings, autologous civilizations and beautiful nature – in Cloud Gardens you will become the landscape gardener of the post-apocalypse.

In tranquil levels, your predetermined Lo-Fi scenarios has to decorate dilapidated cities with prolifer plants, old car tires and empty beer bottles. Sounds weird, but conjures real works of art. And the full relaxation is available on top.

Take a closer look at the leisurely spectacle in the trailer of Cloud Gardens :

What is the goal of Cloud Gardens?

The goal in the atmospheric sandbox game is not really ambitious and does not require much more of you, as plants to sow and to grow them with the help of the placement of “garbage” to grow.

Here you have to equilibrate between the natural and created by humans to help in the game.

Triggers the puzzles of soothing 3D landscapes and finds a fulfilling challenge without ever come into stress situations.

With each level, your new objects for the decoration are added and also tools like a chainsaw and a leaf vacuum make the scenery of individual editing.

A pleasant background music, inviting colors and the special pixel graphic make Cloud Gardens an absolute feel-good game.

You have the opportunity to play the sections again and again and completely reinvent with newly acquired objects. A video function and a really extensive photo mode invite you to capture your dilapidated nature artworks for eternity and even share with a broad community to passionate gardening.

The game has been available since 01. September for Xbox and the PC via Steam.

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