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Mr. Appiah, in front of the lace against Soft Flensburg you have two points left on Monday at 0: 0 against VFB Lübeck. How does it hurt?

Immediately after the final whistle it was difficult because we did not know how to classify this draw. In the first half we have shown that we can dominate an opponent like Lübeck and only little admitted. We can be satisfied with that. Our claim is that we go on victory in every game. Unfortunately, on Monday was no longer in it.

In the last few minutes, the team did not seem to know if she wants to defend the point or once again throws everything forward.

It would have been fatal if we were completely opened and so risked to lose the game. We tried to bring the offensive again into actions. Partly with long balls, then to go to the second balls. Then it looked partially as if we now had two man’s parts.

Your way led unnecessarily to head coach Dario Fossi during the game. Were you so dissatisfied with the appearance or was it just because you have started as a captain?

No, with the captain nobility that had nothing to do. I play the back and can survey the situations a bit better than a midfielder who is constantly involved in two-fighting. On the other hand, because of my experience, I have a short way to the coaching team. Then we agree quickly with small details.

On Sunday, the top game against Soft Flensburg is now on. Would you already be satisfied with a point, because then you can continue to become masters from our own power and Flensburg no longer?

I’m not scared of Flensburg. In the master round we are unbeaten, we want to maintain Sunday. We go into the top game with a full ELAN and should continue to look at us.

Is your team look like, because the greater pressure lies with the Flensburgers? Soft must finally win to have it in my hands.

We can turn and turn as we want. That we did not win against Lübeck, Flensburg can also push. On the other hand, it can also be said that the entire pressure is at the Flensburgers, because we also reach a point.

They are 34 years old, have collected a lot of experience in the 2nd league and in the 3rd league. Do you show separate talks with some players before this game?

The big plus of our team is your character. We are a unit and thus come through more difficult times. Close exchange exists over the entire time. No matter if on the training place or afterwards at leisure. Of course, there is one or the other, with which I search again again. But on the whole, we live that everyone can count on the other and the necessary ease is present with us.

A few weeks before the end of the season, offering other clubs and advisors bring potential new employers into play, so players could be distracted by the essential. Do you see a danger in the coming time?

This is the logical consequence of appealing achievements in football. The business of the consultants belongs to football, but in certain parts is difficult. Of course, players are addressed by us. An ascent would all only take advantage of all benefits for us. No matter if you play a lot or little. No matter if you are staying or go. We have to stay with us all in this phase and focus on the way that the way with the VFB is not over yet. All other things come from alone and the best things anyway only. Everyone has to give full throttle to the end.

I do not lift remuneration.

Marcel Appiah

Your contract runs until 2023. Definitely stay out over the summer?

I do not haste.

The VFB was attested before the season to have put together a strong squad. Does it still surprise her, how well it was?

The good talks before the season convinced me to dissolve my contract at VFR Aalen. The course of the season you can not predict but I quickly realized that we have a really good troop. Character and playful. That it runs then, of course, as painted. Everything we talk about does not come from talking about. Only from talking you do not play such a season. You do not change to a club from a higher league, just because you talk about it. You will not master, just because you talk about it and Dario Fossi is not the coach of the spreadsheet, just because he talks about it. There is a lot of work behind it.

In Osnabrück, they trained under Daniel Thiune. Do you see your current coach Dario Fossi parallel to him?

There is certain parallels in any case. Decisive depends on the speech of the players. Both try to pick up the players and take them. This is another generation of coaches that focuses on communicating with the players. Older coaches are usually characterized by authority and leadership. Dario’s way is not over yet. There is still a lot to wait for him.

Pelle Boevink rescued the point against Lübeck on Monday. How important is he not only as a goalkeeper, but thanks to his footballeric qualities as an eleventh field player for the team?

Extreme important. Also from his character and his personality, Pelle brings a lot of things that are important in the cabin. His playful qualities come in the field. He is a goalkeeper that is extremely strong and really a penal field player for us. There we have unlimited confidence in him.

All regular players have already played several years of regional league experience on the hump or partially already higher. Protects the nerves fluttering in the coming weeks?

I would consider that regardless of printing. Let me take a difference.

With pleasure.

A team is a bit like a family.

Marcel Appiah

Young players are of course important because no one can play forever. But only with young players is not synonymous. There is this trend that clubs say, “We only want young and developing.” I can understand that under the economic aspect, because it is hoped that later rich transfer sums can be crashed. But that’s too short in my opinion. A team is a bit like a family. There are parents, uncle, aunts, grandma and grandpas that shape the hierarchy and can be a support in difficult times. I do not say that because I’m an older player now. When I came to my first missions in Bielefeld, we had players like Markus Schuler, Rüdiger Purchase or Andre Mijatovic, who were much clarified and quieter and to help me in stressful situation. I would not have become a pro and would not have held me up as long as I did not benefit from older players in my career.

Now deliberately accept this guide role? For example, if you, as on Monday, play in the internal defense next to a 21-year-old Fabian autumn?

There are situations in the field where you are looking for a player that you have to give one or the other assistance. As a 34-year-old I am not concerned with giving younger players a briefing. I want to help them so they develop. Through the presence of the older players, a team must feel that they have certain columns they can rely on. These pillars have to be progressed. Nobody listens to a player who does not bring performance.

You could be the defense chief of the team, which leads the VFB back to professional football after 25 years. Would that be special for you?

Personally, I always like success (laughs). If we were able to do that, it would be pleased next to the people here in Oldenburg especially for the team around the team with us, because there will be, largely voluntary, plenty of energy and passion.

What do you believe in a rise in the 3rd league in Oldenburg?

The base here is good. I played in Bielefeld and Osnabrück. With a view of the substance Oldenburg deserves as a city to be in professional football. The VFB does not have to hide.

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