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After confirming that of Orisa Vigilance 2 Rework previously and confirming more recently that Doomfist will be a tank in the new game, Blizzard completely revealed Reworks for these two heroes on Wednesday. That includes a breakdown of its new and old skills with some parts of the remaining hero kits, while other parts have been adjusted to fit better on the objectives and goal of the new game. Some context was also provided for these decisions in order to offer explanations of why these specific changes were made.

Starting with Doomfist, you can see your skills modified below. Power Block and Sixmic Slam are to those who must pay attention in this case, in addition to the already known change that is now a tank instead of a DPS hero. That change of roles comes with an expected increase in health, but Blizzard said Power Block players will want to pay attention.

«Power Block is the new core of the Doomfist Kit,” said a general description of its reworking. “With Power Block, Doomfist adopts a defensive posture that reduces all the damage received from the front by 90%. The Doomfist Gauntlet is loaded if it blocks enough damage with Power Block. Its loaded gauntlet enhances the damage, the reverse radius and the speed of displacement of your next Rocket Punch., and the distance. The objectives of him will be stunned if he hits them against a wall. “

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The main designer of Heroes, Geoff Goodman, who directed Domfist’s redesign, compared the new mobility of the hero with Winston and Wrecking Ball. The Sixmic Slam movement is best used to get behind the teams before throwing away from their own team using Rocket Punch, while Meteor Strike is mete to be an initiation tool.

In the same publication, we also learned about the automation of Orisa. The health and armor of Orisa were improved with a redesigned main weapon destined to allow him to “push and tackle the enemies,” according to the designer of Senior Brandon Brennan heroes, who worked in Orisa. Energy Javelin works in a similar way to a rocket punch based on projectiles and is a “microaturdiment” that causes more damage when there is a well behind the target.

Javelin Spin is a new ability that will destroy the incoming projectiles to make a more formidable first-line hero, while Terra Surge is a totally new skill for the character.

“We started the reworking of him by eliminating the barrier of Orisa and Halt’s ability of him, but we still thought that Halt was really great,” Brennan said. “We incorporated Halt’s idea into the new Ultimate of Orisa, and here is where the pull comes from.”

Primero Beta of Overwatch 2 will start soon enough, so it will not be long before people can try these re–borne and a new hero for the first time.

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