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Why this team is really capable of daring the national coach to predict himself. Almost nine months are still to the World Cup, but what about the German handball players at the tournament in Poland and Sweden? The title? Rather not. An even weaker trim as the historically bad twelfth place at the World Cup 2021? For this, the newly formed team actually has too much talent. So what wishes Alfred Gislason for the tournament? He did not want to answer this question after the gathered World Cup ticket on the Faroe Islands yet. “I will certainly not formulate so right after the game,” Gislason said.

TV2 um Grikkaland-Føroyar Greece - Faroe Islands 0-1

Gislason must moderate huge change

It’s not that easy. Just over two years, the 62-year-old now makes the national coach job, and he has been working under difficult conditions since then. That his team itself in the World Cup play-offs against a stark outsider like the Faroe Islands sometimes sometimes fits in the picture. At 33: 27 success in the second leg on Saturday in Torshavn, the DHB selection had even relocated at halftime. Gislason was annoyed, but remained calm. He knows these changeable ideas long ago. For several months, the Icelander has been moderating a huge change.

If so far is so far, we look in the direction of the World Cup.

Luca Witzke first focuses on the Bundesliga

Established players like Patrick Wienekek, Steffen Weinhold or Hendrik Pekeler returned from the DHB team, instead, Gislason built a second division top talent like Julian Köster from VfL Gummersbach. In his previous courses, the coach never had the same squad due to corona cases, injuries or other reasons. Therefore, it does not surprise that a World Cup forecast is difficult for him and his players. “Now we have solved the ticket first, that was the most important thing. Now Bundesliga is announced again,” said Playmaker Luca Witzke from the SC DHFK Leipzig. “If so far is so far, we look in the direction of the World Cup.”

Defense shaky, attack faulty

Only in autumn the team meets her next course again. What Gislason stays until then: analyze old games, watch current Bundesliga games, talk to his World Cup candidates, worry. For example, about one of its largest construction sites. Without Viennacek and Pekeler, it happens in the center of the defense, captain Johannes Golla and his secondary man Simon Ernst harmonize yet. In addition, there are still many technical errors in the attack. “That maybe not everything was optimal, we also have to admit,” Golla said.

On the other hand, the 24-year-old was noticeably striving to stay positive. He spoke of “many things that we can learn.” And that the inexperienced team would help themselves in front of a heated backdrop like the Faroe Islands. “For many, that’s the first World Cup in January,” said the circular runner of the SG Flensburg-Handewitt. Therefore, not only the national coach falls a prognosis so hard.

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