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When Osnabrück and the sixties enter the place on Saturday, then two teams meet each other, which can play with a broad breast. In the press conference before the game Michael Köllner spoke of a strong opponent: “You already see that they are really good in many things.” But the coach also speaks of its own strong balance, which will design the duel so exciting. “For 14 games, we have almost a 2.2 point cut. With the phase we have current, we can definitely beat Osnabrück.”

The 52-year-old calls two important factors, so that in 1860, the fourth place in the table can defend. On the one hand, he expects a “frenetic stadium” and, on the other, that it creates the team to develop the necessary pressure in the home game that limits the strengths of the opponent. “If we manage that we create high performance in our Tollhaus Grünwalder Stadium, then we have the chance to beat Osnabrück,” Köllner summarizes.

“I will sit down decently in the stadium”

Co-trainer Günter Brandl is instead of Köllner on Saturday at the sideline and the sporting director Günter Gorenzel takes over the communication with the media. The head coach will “sit down decently in the stadium”. Thirty minutes before and after the game, the coach must not stop in the cabin tract. He appeals to its entire coaching staff to support the team sufficiently: “In the end everything is teamwork.” Köllner is sure that his barrier will not affect the performance of the team.

Köllner reacts to a rack in training. “We’re already in the crucial season phase, you realize the players. There is a lot to win and that’s why we are pleased that we have a good mood and a very powerful climate in training and of course is friction,” commented on the head coach the incident. Also, that the slightly struck players Leandro Morgalla and Yannick Deichmann should be ready for use, the team will help on Saturday.

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