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For the U19 of the SC Prussia is every year you go to the A-Junior Bundesliga already a success and any league in the highest playing class a small triumph. This must simply be emphasized in view of the infrastructural possibilities and the strong competition that coincides in the league. What the young eagle delivered in the face of this season for results is outstanding.


Exciting starting position

After 13 graduated league games, the YoungSars are at 25 points in five place. But because the table is not equal through numerous game failures throughout the league, there is currently Schalke 04 with 15 graduated games in second place. The place, which still entitled to participate in the final round of the German Championship. Purely mathematically, the young eagle can still overtake the royal blue and provide a sensation. However, Bayer 04 lurks Leverkusen on this place, which with ex-prussian coach Sven prettier with 28 points ranked three and as a favorite have a little better starting position. For the young stars, it takes the great surprise in direct comparison to continue to believe in this dream. And as if the game plan had predicted this constellation, he now holds the small finale ready: Tomorrow’s Wednesday evening (6 pm), the U19 receives the Bundesliga offspring from Leverkusen in the Prussia Stadium for direct duel.

“In recent months, the guys have both individually and ceased an incredible development and thus deserves the framework conditions for this top match. The fact that the team is now perceived by the top clubs as a serious competitor for participation in the German Championship again confirms the exceptional quality of these two U19 vintages, “says an extremely proud coach Tobias Harink over his protégés and leads to the Direct Comparison: “We also want to bring our strengths against Leverkusen, brave and passionately play football and contribute to our part to an exciting game. Leverkusen is extremely playful and has a very high individual quality with national players from all over Europe. Our boys have deserved, self-confident and with great anticipation to go to this game and to believe in another surprise! “

Season ticket owner with free access

The JungAdlers are looking forward to this great task about every prussian fan who wants to support them. And given the summery temperatures that are predicted tomorrow night, there is almost nothing better on Wednesday evening than to know football in the Prussia Stadium. The good: All season ticket holders can see the game for free! If you do not own a season ticket, but never want to stop by, for whom costs a full-paying seat on the tribune 6 EUR, for discounted 4 EUR. Children up to six years will also receive free admission. It is open tomorrow evening only the tribune, inlet is from 5 pm.

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