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The latest expansion of HARTHSTONE® (HARTHSTONE®) to the city that will sink into the city (Voyage to The SUNKEN CITY ™), in commemoration of the launch of the Voyage to The Sunken City ™, a strategy to profile in the new expansion pack meta, Various contents for Korean players, such as video and fans are expected to respond to fans.

Stream Cup ALL Vocational Team Battle – Today’s April 14th Dinner Broadcasting

Each time a streamer cup competition has been found in a game manner that can help with decoding and adventure paths in the new expansion pack meta of the players. Ghost, Dun, Loch, a Kriish team, and a cranish team consisting of cranish, and florery, and the Has Stone’s treadmill streamer is divided into two teams, divided into two teams, 3 to 3 teams. Each match is prohibited in duplicate vocational use, so it is expected that a variety of strategic possibilities of all professions that have been greeted with new expansion packs are expected to be tested.

Disaster at Sea. Lightning strikes my boat and it is sinking. My battle to save the boat.
Streams Cup ALL, with three relays, such as Emujing Hoon, Sishi Ho, and Phil Prim, are a real time relay from 7:00 pm on the Hasstone Official YouTube Channel and Official Twitch Channel. There is also a viewer event for fans leaving the cheering message, so we can get a variety of gifts such as T-shirts, footage, and fragrance of the Hasstone theme through lottery.

Streams Cup ALL More information on the Evangel Team Battle and the viewer event can be found in the official blog post.

Haasterton YouTube Contents – Card Evaluation and Pre-Experience

The Hasstone Official YouTube Channel has a variety of contents for fans who want a high rise in the navigation expansion packs in a sowering city in addition to this. Signage streamers can identify the expansion packs of all cards, and the end of all cards and the defect dialogue, which divides the depth conversation card evaluation broadcasting video, and two of the highlights of the highlights, You can also see the highlights that are selected only in the center of the center.


We have already made the Queen Azhara Illustrations and the Queen Azhara Illustrations, who have already drawn through the collaboration with Hasstone, and to the city where our DOSPI writer who came to the city, which has drawn cool works. The light is the background of the sea, as a background of the seaweed, and the queen Azhara, which shows a heavy presence as a legendary sewer in the expansion pack, was reinterpreted at the fingertips of the DOSPI writer.

Has Ston’s latest expansion pack informing the beginning of Hydra’s sun was released on April 13th. Players feature order synergy (Naga), a new sewage (NAGA), a new keyword that can attract the bottom of the deck, a new keyword, a sewage that has a large force that can not be captured on a single card (Colossal) ) New elements and 135 new cards can be used to jump to the mysterious bars.

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