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Bayern Munich's dominance is bad for the Bundesliga and German football - Fjortoft | ESPN FC
FC Bayern is undoubtedly one of the most successful and largest clubs in the world. But the view of the German industry prime does not cause jubilation towers everywhere. Especially violent criticism comes from the motherland of football.

In the football Bundesliga, FC Bayern rushes with seven-mile boots towards tenth championship in series. The surprising out of the Champions League against the FC Villarreal clouds the joy of national superiority. Nevertheless, the Munich are undisputed further to the European football elite.

This status, the Bayern will not be tired to emphasize and cemented and cemented without billions-heavy investors or financial Harakiri as a kind Bastion of reason. But how long?

Did the FC Bayern “ruined the German football”?

The renowned British journalist Martin Samuel believes the “arrogant” glory in Munich will soon find her end. “You know that you have ruined German football. Your wealth and strength have created a boring competition that is difficult to sell to an audience outside Germany and slowly but certainly will lose in importance,” Samuel wrote in a column for The “Daily Mail”.

The missing competition “soft” FC Bayern also for the top games at an international level, according to Samuels Thesis.

The Journalist’s Champions League 2020 gain rather as a slip-up, which came about the corona pandemic due to the special circumstances. In the last three conventionally advanced seasons in the premier class, the Munich finally excreted twice in the quarter and once in the second round, stressed Samuel.

Criticism of “power greed” of FC Bayern

That last calculated FC Bayern positively responded to the idea of DFL, the struggle to decide the championship through playoffs following the season, sign for Samuel only an even worse picture of the German record champion.

“Bavaria’s greed will not end before crushing the last fischen life from their opponents,” says Samuel, who complements: “They would make them at European level if they could.”

Among other things, he guides that Bavaria’s use for more stricter financial fair playing rules would merely serve to cement the status of the “established elite”. “That’s why the football has to resist this power greed under all circumstances,” the 57-year-old realized.

“Every year, convincing evidence brings where this protectionism leads. The Bavarians, their ten Bundesliga titles in a row and their inappropriate arrogance, are the final. After that, the football is in the end,” Samuel castle.

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