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Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann has publicly made his person in the Champions League against his person. “I can handle criticism well. Anders, it looks like the 450 murder threats on Instagram,” said the 34-year-old on Friday.

Julian Nagelsmann looked visibly frustrated and disilused. After silling in the Champions League, the coaches from Bayern Munich spoke to the first time publicly about murder threats against his person. “I can handle criticism well. Anders, it looks like the 450 murder threats on Instagram,” said the 34-year-old on Friday.

The sporting consequences of failure in the premier class, the view from Nagelsmann in the future of the record champion and the tenth championship in series moved in front of the league game on Sunday (15.30 clock) at Arminia Bielefeld first in the background.

That many “want to kill him is clear. But now they shoot against my mother, who has nothing to hat with football and our departure. That’s a bit wild,” supplemented the Bayern coach with thoughtful expression.

Nagelsmann wants to refrain from ads. Of course, that’s possible, “but then I will not be done anymore, I get that after every game. No matter if we win or lose.”

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How he coincides with it? “It’s a shit, people should write what they want,” emphasized the Bayern coach. But he could “not understand. As soon as people turn off the TV, forget everyone’s decency and turn completely. They also think that they are right. That’s the bizarre.”

After the quarter-final-out in the premier class against the FC Villarreal (0: 1/1: 1), the family of sports council Hasan Salihamidzic had already reported murder threats in the social media. Nevertheless, he does not believe, says Nagelsmann, “that the club increases the safety precautions. It is still moving as a private person.” He did not provide provoking, “but there was no one before my doorstep”.

So far, so bad. There was also a sporting way to work up so much. Ex-boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had emphasized that it is “certainly not” on the squad quality. A reproach to Nagelsmann? He did not want to be provoked. “I stop it and work on,” he said only.

But not enough. In addition, if he likes Bayern “fundamentally granted advice,” added Rummenigge, “then that everyone in the club is limited to his skills”. Things such as contract renewals “are the matter of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board”. And the trainer? “That’s what I thought,” Nagelsmann countered. With Board’s leader Oliver Kahn he had therefore also “a long and good conversation”: “He wanted to have a picture what the coach thinks.”

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And that indicated a change. “We have a squad that goes together long, the cabin works very well. Nevertheless, it is sometimes important if you are so successful, sometimes bring fresh wind,” said Nagelsmann. Although you have through the pandemic “financially not the very large scope”, but the bosses are “turn”. Even if this is “something tedious, because the business is very fast-free and you have to change again and again”.

After all, Nagelsmann assumes that Torgarant Robert Lewandowski remains. In the talks with the 33-year-old he never had the impression, “that he wants to go”.

But first of all, he expects a defiance reaction from his stars. After the frustration in the royal class, his team now have “a clear order”, so Nagelsmann already with a view of the “matchball game” against Borussia Dortmund on April 23: “We have to win both games to clarify the championship. Then have We did the part we need to do. We have to deliver, we will continue to get our money. “

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