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After the recent from Karim Farhan at ATSV Erlangen, the current Bayern Ligler has clarified the coach question for the coming season 2022/23. Regardless of the league liability, Michael Hutzler will take over in the Central Franconian University Town. Hutzler had recently announced his farewell to the DJK Ammerthal.

Department Manager Jörg Markert betrayed on University Townmand, which speaks for the new man: “He has proven in recent years as a coach that he can work with young players.” That’s what the way fits as well because the ATSV is striking on a “down-to-earth path”, the great focus on working with junior staff.

But with the back screwing of ambitions, this has nothing to do. Marker stresses: “But we do not want to leave our plan at the same time, in the next two to three years sometime to play Regionalliga.”

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Co-trainer Chris Hofbauer will finish the season, but the Hutzler may gladly pass a regional league to Markker’s statement: “If it’s still fold this year, we would of course be glad. If it does not work, the world does not go under us And we will continue to work in peace next year and let the “Hutzi” work and unfold here. “

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